How much does it cost to develop an app like Ludo?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Ludo?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Ludo?

Board games are favourite ones for people of all ages from the past many years. With the inventions in technology, board games are not confined to physical activity as mobile apps have replaced them. The usability and inventions of mobile apps have been beneficial to all types of industries in the market. The gaming industry is no way different, with the invention of advanced apps for all types of games. Due to this, the number of mobile app developers have been increasing exponentially in the market. But business owners who want to build similar gaming apps like Ludo must associate with an experienced mobile app development company in Dubai, Saudi Arabia such as Brill Mindz.

What is the Ludo game?

Ludo is a board game including a yellow, red, green, blue coloured board with cross-shaped squares and a possibility of a maximum of four players. The game is generally played by two or four players with an idea of moving the tokens from starting point to finishing point with the help of rolling single dies. This game has many popular versions across various locations but the one who reaches first will be the winner.

Modes of Ludo Game:

The popularity of this game is surged due to the different modes in this game. The four various modes are:

1) Computer mode: In this mode, the user will have to play against the computer as an opponent.

2) Local: This mode allows users to choose their friends as opponents in the same device.

3) Multi-Player international mode: In this mode, the user can select the player from any place across the globe.

4) Multi-Player Private: This mode allows users to select other players from their friends or family.

Features of an app like Ludo:

Invite Friends:

This feature will allow the users to get a code by creating a room. This code could be sent to their known ones via various means like social media platforms. It will allow those players to join the game from any location across the globe.

Invite and earn:

This feature will give bonus points for users whenever they invite their known ones. It will stimulate them to send the code to a wide range of people which will be helpful for app owners to expand their reach.

Live Text & Video Chat:

It is an optional feature that can be given to make the game more engaging. Players will get the chance to interact with each other while they play.

Real money:

It requires some stimulation for people to play the game more enthusiastically when money is involved. Users must be allowed to choose the type of table, invite friends, and amount. The winning player will get the chance to withdraw the amount. Due to this, app owners will have the opportunity to get more users and enhance their revenue.

Offline option:

The availability of the internet has been increased drastically across all parts of the globe. But there would be connectivity issues or some places without the internet. This offline option will allow users to play the game without the support of the internet.

Free bonus:

Users will get free bonus points whenever they unlock the advanced levels. Such a feature will aid in increasing the playing of games with users interested to earn free points to redeem them or get access to advanced features.

Leading Factors influencing the Cost of Mobile Game Development:

The overall cost of mobile game app development like Ludo is dependent on a few crucial factors. It is necessary to pay attention to these factors while planning for the app to ensure that the final product achieves its goals.

a) Choice of Operating System:

There are few generally used operating systems in the market such as Android, iOS, Windows, or Cross platforms. Business owners have to carefully research the target customers and plan the decision. The development cost for the Android platform is cheaper but you will have to look at the number of devices to be tested for android. The hybrid model will help in building games for multiple platforms and reach all types of audiences. 

b) Design:

Design is an important aspect of the gaming app as it is the highly influenced factor for attracting and retaining users. The app must be designed in a way that is user-friendly and engaging for the players. Inclusion of advanced graphics and 3D elements could be done to enhance the richness but all will incur additional costs. Hence it requires the allocation of the proper budget while planning the design for your app.

c)Developer costs:

The cost of developers varies across different regions depending on the skill set of app developer and app development company. The strongest portfolio will attract high costs but if you plan well, then you will have the guarantee to end with the supreme quality end product. Agreeing for cheaper options may not always yield positive results in the long run.

d)Game Application Testing:

The major demand for all types of game users will be non-stop gaming experience at all levels of gaming. This is possible only when the deployed app is not having any issues. With attention to this, it becomes a major aspect to test it across all kinds of platforms and devices.

e) App Size:

Gaming apps will feel richer if you include advanced features, cutting-edge designs, integrating with 3rd party apps, and other added features in the app. But all these factors will have a direct impact on the size of the application which is crucial for determining the overall cost of developing the app.


With such positive advantages and long-lasting results, are you interested in developing an app like Ludo? Associate with an experienced mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia such as Brill Mindz. We possess a skillful and dedicated team that works with you transparently in transforming your core idea to an engaging app like Ludo.

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