What are the Latest Gaming App Categories in the Market in 2022?

What are the latest gaming app categories in the market

What are the Latest Gaming App Categories in the Market in 2022?

The arrival of high-speed internet connectivity and advanced smartphones has made mobile game apps overtake console-based and PC games. Mobile app games are of different types and are categorized depending on their niches, audience likes, and skills. If you are interested to know more, then below are the gaming app categories in the market that are highly popular in the current competitive market.

Adventure Gaming Apps: Adventure gaming apps are ideal for enthusiasts who always love to face challenges in games across different types. It could be action, war, treasure hunt, or a combo of puzzle-solving types that test the skill levels of gamers. Such games make you always stay thrilled at every level with interesting game plans. It has a motive of engaging the user to the core more than the competition. You could be playing an interesting character in the story which focuses on solving a puzzle, mystery, or any other issue that challenges your thinking. With the gameplay depending on choices made during the gameplay there will be led to the next level.

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Puzzle Games: Puzzle games are always on the list of top gaming categories provided they are equipped with exciting features and user-friendly game plans for various platforms such as android and iOS. This category of games focuses on stimulating the problem-solving skills of the players with optimal challenges. There will not be any time constraint for the games and the number of chances to finish the puzzle. Puzzle game app developers look to involve games that trigger the thinking abilities of the users. It will give more involvement to the brain as every puzzle game involves the development of a strategy for meeting specific objectives. This is one of the leading game app categories across all age group gaming enthusiasts.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gaming Apps: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gaming App games have seen a steep rise in the number of downloads across app stores. There will be multiple teams involved in the game where every player in each team will take responsibility for moving one character. There will be diverse types of game plans but with the same motive of terminating the key structure of the opposite team. Players will have automated controllers for carrying out various types of actions to meet the intended purpose.

Arcade Games: Another popular gaming app category is Arcade games in India like Junglee Rummy, Teen Patti, etc, especially among the young gamers. How to know if your game category falls under this segment? If your game idea does not include any gun shooting, fights, etc but has a mission to be accomplished, then it will probably fall under the category of Arcade game. Such games will not take importance on the content but more on the gameplay. The majority of the games will be smaller levels that proceed to become more exciting with the progress to higher levels.

Arcade games will generally have short play times, quicker challenges, and modest gameplay. Moreover, there is an exciting part in such games due to the rewards given to the users for motivating them to play the game at every level. But both the players and firms should be cautious in their approach since it involves financial aspects. Even though it does not involve any kind of exciting visuals, this category is amongst the highly popular ones in the market.

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Card Games: Traditionally, card games are highly popular across all age groups across the world even before smartphones commenced to the arena. Even after the arrival of smartphones, one game that is still played physically is a card game. It is also loved across the digital segment due to its numerous advantages. It can also be stored under smaller capacity smartphones due to its nature of taking less storage space. If you are looking to develop a gaming mobile app, then this category will guarantee you good results provided it is built by experts.

Role-Playing Games or RPG: Role-playing games (RPG) are ideal for enthusiasts who want to play the game for a longer duration. These games involve long game plans, content, story, diverse types of characters, roles, and diverse duration of plays. But it is key to check the technical necessities and storage space of the smartphone before trying these games. They generally require huge storage space and some additional technical requirements.

Strategy Gaming Apps: Strategy games are another long-lasting type of mobile app gaming category. They focus on the strategy-making knowledge of the players. These strategies are based on various types of tactics within the storyline. There is a unique aspect in this type of category which makes it special from the rest of games.

It can be played by one player against several single players from any global location. Other than this option, strategy gaming apps are similar to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gaming App. Some of the advanced strategy gaming apps let the players build a team and compete with other teams. Regardless of the type of gaming app, you develop it is important to focus on the app idea to achieve success.


With such different types of gaming app categories, mobile game apps are set to become the best source of entertainment for enthusiasts. It’s not about selecting the best app category, but it’s about selecting the best app idea and choosing the best app category to match it. If you want to lead the competitive market it is crucial to design the gameplay and characters in proper synchronization for ensuring that it does not feel like a copy of any other game. Hence, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced mobile app development company that can ensure maximum uniqueness in the final product. Associate with a firm like Brillmindz technologies that consists of a team of skilled gaming app engineers who stay constantly updated with the latest market trends. The team works on fulfilling the business motives with a complete sense of innovation at every level.

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