How much does it cost to develop an app like RTA in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

How much does it cost to develop an app like RTA

How much does it cost to develop an app like RTA in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Businesses across the world are always in search of new tactics to appeal to their customers. It is evident that after the entry of smartphones and their creative apps, businesses were able to reach their customers more quickly and easily. In the modern digital world, mobile apps have become a necessity and it is helping individuals to order food and essentials, track locations, bring home services, and book a cab. Mobile apps have removed all the hiccups and given more transparency to all types of businesses in the market. Middle East is no different from the humongous growth of mobile apps and their services to a large number of people across cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, etc.

What is RTA? and How much does it cost to develop an app like RTA?

There was a sudden increase in the number of vehicles on the road in Dubai which caused many people to start using the public transport system. This situation acted as a stimulator for the Dubai government to make public transportation easily available for the common man. This aim was possible with the integration of a mobile app. RTA is a well-renowned app in Dubai that provided much-needed efficiency in travel for the Dubai government. It supports Arabic, English, Hindi, and Russian languages with support from fingertips. It provides many services online such as paying the fees and claiming insurance etc. Integrating mobile apps into the frameworks of the Road and transportation department has aided the Dubai government to handle their routine operation smoothly. With the success of RTA Dubai, all the major governments across the middle east began to make use of mobile apps to convert their public transportation being accessible to the common man. Due to these benefits, demand for road transportation mobile apps has been increasing and top mobile app development companies in Dubai like Brill Mindz are providing mind-blowing mobile app solutions.

Important features of a mobile application like RTA Dubai:

To meet the aim of providing smooth transportation services to citizens, a mobile app like RTA Dubai must have few features that are very crucial in its operation. Some of the primary ones are listed below:

Sign In / Sign Up: This is must needed feature for the app to have a registered account. Users are asked to provide their email id, social media account or mobile number to create the account. Once they finish these steps, they will get the username and password which will be mandatory to sign in to the account from next time.

Informative Dashboard:  Once the user signs into the account they will find a descriptive dashboard. It is a commonplace where the user will find all types of services that could be useful for them.

Travel organizer: This is a feature that allows the users to organize and plan their travel in an organized manner. It will be a smooth process where they will enter the present location, journey time, and destination. They will also have to choose the type of transportation like Bus, Tram, Metro, Waterways, etc.

Map Integration: This mobile app must have a map integrated which will aid users to find the nearby locations. It will be of much help in planning the trip.

Access cards and recharge options: The app must have options that allow users to recharge their prepaid cards depending on their necessity. To complete the payment at any possible time, this prepaid card will be useful to replace the currency.

Other services of the transport department: There are many other services and norms of the transport department like registering a vehicle, payment of penalties and various fees, change in ownership, procuring a driving license, Parking card allocation, recharges, and many more. This app must provide an option for users to complete such transactions without any hiccups.

Notifications: This is the basic feature for any kind of app as users must know the latest updates regarding any service or transactions. The government can also use this to notify the user about any latest changes in norms.

In-app customer support: Any kind of mobile app needs to answer the doubts of users. There are advanced chatbot options in the app which help the users in answering the frequently asked questions. There should also be offline support that makes sure that it is available at any place even if the internet is down.

Vehicle Tracking: App must have all the technologies like GPS, LBS, and telematics to aid in tracking the vehicles in real-time data, communication, and history.

How much does it cost to develop an app like RTA in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Features: A huge number of technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc being employed by modern mobile apps. Adding advanced features enhance the usability and richness of the app. But the number of features and the intricacies involved in the app will have a large influence on the overall cost of RTA like app.

Operating system: There must be proper analysis from the government on what is the type of mobile applications used by target customers. As there would users with multiple platforms, developing an app to serve both types of customers would be beneficial. Native apps are built with a single programming language but hybrid apps are the websites that are developed to be employed in the app. Native apps are must expensive than hybrid apps but they deliver improved performance.

App size: It is reliant on the number of features and the intricacies involved in their development with advanced technologies.

Integrations: The third-party APIs must be paid for using their services. Therefore, with more integrations in the app, more will be the final cost.

Bottom line:

With all such benefits, developing an RTA Dubai kind of app would be beneficial for both governments and users. If you are looking to build such a transport app, associate with reliable and experienced mobile app development company in Dubai or mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia like Brill Mindz.

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