How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce app like Noon in Dubai?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Noon?

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce app like Noon in Dubai?

Certainly, the eCommerce sector is getting enormous acceptance all over the globe. Especially in the Middle-East region, the online shopping trend has been increased hugely in recent years. Many studies have shown that the use of mobile apps is increased and the graph is going high everywhere. As people who shop over smartphone apps are happier and pleased than the retail customers. These trends are encouraging many companies to build e-commerce apps like Noon that has gained immense popularity among the masses.

What is Noon? and How much does it cost to develop an app like Noon?

Noon is one of the key eCommerce apps & mobile app development companies in Dubai, that was founded by Emaar that has gained huge popularity with its user-friendly UI and accessible structure. It has many features that are organized in various categories making room for easy navigation.

  • Along with the standard delivery mode, it also has an express delivery mode called Noon-now. It follows a very instant process of storage, packing, and delivery fulfilled by Noon.
  • It has a fast and reliable mode of delivery within 24 hours. With the tracking option, the customer is alerted at all stages and delivery will be on-time.
  • Noon app has a wide variety of products like Groceries, Electronics, baby products, beauty products, Kitchen items, Fashion accessories, Home appliances, etc. All these are specifically categorized for the effortless usage of the customer. 
  • It has gained immense popularity than its competitors because of these easy to use UI and features that very responsive when compared to other e-commerce apps.
  • They also have proper filters that help customers to select their desired category of products and refrain from searching through the entire list.

With the on-time delivery of products, the Noon app has made sure that it always stays ahead in the competition.

Benefits of developing a mobile e-commerce app like Noon:

Highly effective: Having the best smartphone app like Noon will help you to reach more people as their everyday items are available easily in the app. Due to this high level of interactions, the app facilitates the effective relationship between clients and the company.

Impactful use of data: As you collect business data, it can be used to find customer behavior from the apps for providing the best individual offers and promotions.

Enhance Brand visibility: With the use of e-commerce apps like Noon, businesses can increase their brand visibility. If the service is user-friendly, intuitive and the individual promotional offers will help to build a fruitful relationship with the customers.

Basic features of e-commerce mobile app development like Noon:

Register and Login: This feature allows the users to register to the app with email accounts and social media profiles and login after authentication procedures.

Push Notification: It provides an option for the businesses to send alerts and their promotions or offers for the users specifically.

Wish list: This option allows the users to bookmark the required products that they require to buy after looking into available options.

Customer support: This feature will allow the user to contact on any issue that has occurred regarding the order. 

Customer cart: Customers can add the desired products into the cart and check-out together after his selections.

Search: Search option is very important as the filter option, with the user given the chance to get to the desired product by typing the name in the search bar.

Multiple payment options: The customer has to be provided with a smooth and secure payment transaction facility supported with multiple payment options like debit or credit cards, net banking, UPI, etc.

Review and Ratings: Products in the app must have the provision to be reviewed and rated so that will contribute to the expansion of the business.

Product description: It must contain all the information about the products with their detailed images, price description, reviews and adding to cart options.   

Home page: Home page pf an e-commerce app like Noon is very important in showing the promotional offers and discounts for a particular or range of products. You can advertise for a particular product and any additions in the specific product category.

Order status: When a user has placed an order, he must be updated at every stage of the delivery by providing push notifications. Customers must be able to track the order and also get an approximate time of delivery. 

Factors affecting the cost for the development of an app like Noon:

The overall cost of building an app like Noon relies on numerous factors that are present in the app development process. You will have to consider customer satisfaction and developer expertise while building the app. This ensures that the app will perform according to your requirements and also capture market attention.

The factors that affect the cost of the development of e-commerce app like Noon are:

App Design: The cost of developing an e-commerce app like Noon depends on the type of design that you adapt. Care must be taken to provide a user-friendly design that pleases the customer.

Features: With many features that could be involved in the app, it should be very wisely decided on the features that you will implement in the app by analyzing your target customers and final app structure.

App Size: The cost of an app similar to Noon depends on the features involved in it. You can add many exciting features in the app, but they will surely increase the app size.

App Platform: Selecting the right platforms to implement to your intended audience is key for making the app to extend their reach. The cost of the app like Noon depends on the type of platform like Android, iOS or cross-platform as they have particular costs for development. 


With plenty of opportunities in the e-commerce sector, it is the best time to invest in an app like NOON and expand your business range. We at Brill Mindz, a leading mobile app development company, have experienced and skilled developers who can get your core ideas into a real-time mobile app.

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