Is Predictive Analytics the Next Big Thing in Mobile App Development?

Is Predictive Analytics the next big thing in mobile app development

Is Predictive Analytics the Next Big Thing in Mobile App Development?

With constant growth in technology, new trends are coming into the picture at regular intervals. Such latest trends in the market offer a wide range of prospective for business owners to offer improved user experience. Mobile apps are one such segment that calls for staying updated with the latest trends. Many businesses are reaping benefits from advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence which has transformed the thinking abilities with advanced modelling algorithms along with smart communications within mobile apps. This is possible with the ability of predictive analysis that is aiding businesses to end up with intelligent mobile apps that suit the needs of the modern target audiences.

Predictive analytics:

  • Predictive analytics focuses on improving a huge amount of data, accumulating useful perceptions to use this information in enhancing the working of different processes. This can be beneficial for mobile app development in two different ways. One is the progression in user experience and the other will be the contribution to the development process. The predictive analysis tracks a specific pattern in app development, processes the information accumulated from different stages. This helps find the defects before they arise along with the recommendation of different procedures.
  • Similarly, when the procedure is employed on the user-side, it can guess the user actions for giving the best services. It will be aiding the marketing team to give the best notifications that will make users give positive responses. Even engineers will be able to know which is the portion of the app that has less response and act on them. Such unparalleled advantages stimulate business owners to employ predictive analysis across their processes. But before plunging into the procedure it is key to know the working of this technology.

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How do Predictive Analytics Work?

Predictive analytics makes use of complex algorithms to accumulate data from diverse sources. It will be accurate in finding the latest patterns on social media sites, business platforms, and several other online areas. This information will be focussed on the behaviour of end-users and sales figures to know which are the smooth working areas and others which require changes. It makes use of Machine learning, advanced algorithms, and statistical data methods for guessing the outcomes. By taking a closer analysis of the consumer behaviour it offers closely seamless options for business owners.

The capability of predictive analysis to guess which could be the right move or find the best sales product not only aids the business but also offers the best service for the end-users. Similarly, apps can aid in increasing sales by suggesting various aspects for mobile app users. This could be highly helpful for businesses since consumers have been seen to take key decisions depending on the suggestions. Several studies have shown that e-Commerce apps using predictive analytics have flared higher than other desktop or mobile websites.

Benefits for various business:

Improved individual marketing:

Predictive analytics is the strategy behind the suggestion sections such as “The things you may be interested in” while you open the app and look for various services. This is highly true in various top-performing eCommerce websites. This will offer tailored suggestions to the users depending on the purchase history, browsing styles, and analytics. These precise recommendations give a boost to the marketing campaigns leading to increased sales and revenue. 

Enhanced user engagement:

With the aid of predictive analytics, it will be helpful to know if UI UX elements or pages in the app are engaging. This in turn will aid the developers to find which are the lagging areas and give the best service to the users. Further, this will also give information on the type of devices and their operating system used by the app. Consequently, this information can help give individual experiences to the users to push them for more usage.

Enhanced retention:

Predictive analytics aids in knowing the problem areas that require changes and giving a better idea of additions to the app. This aids in constantly improving the user experience which in turn results in increased retention. Customers will get streamlined services that will aid them to get only the likely purchases. Combined with such pleasing factors, users will be loyal to the brand and stay for a longer period.

Reducing the risk factors:

Predictive analytics predicts the risk factors in case of any malicious activities like data theft, breaches, hacking, etc. This is achieved by the constant accumulation of data and supervising the user patterns. There will be a blockage to any unauthorized entry when there will be suspicion of malicious activity. Users can be informed about such activities and the app will be frozen for some time and maybe accessed by users after answering relevant queries.

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Mobile app development:

Predictive Analytics will straightway help in the mobile app development process. This is done by predicting the upcoming patterns in the data like the time needed for completing the development process, amount of testing required to deliver the final product. Testers can find the defects early in the stages to ensure that there are no surprises in the production levels or final stages of delivery. It uses the series of accumulated data to develop a pattern depending on testing for giving the best recommendations via a series of detailed information. This data is built and can be employed repetitively employing skilled algorithms from the complete set of information. Hence, business owners in combination with app developers are employing this prepared set of algorithms to get accurate outcomes.

Final Thoughts:

Predictive analytics will have a big part to play in segments such as eCommerce, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and many more. to give the best customer experience. But even though it gives exciting results, it is only possible when all the factors are set right. Hence, associate with a reliable and smart mobile app development company like Brillmindz to execute your venture. The expert team has developed several advanced mobile apps that are creating a profitable experience in the market.

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