Importance of Mobile App Development in Foldable Smartphone Devices

Importance of mobile app development in foldable devices

Importance of Mobile App Development in Foldable Smartphone Devices

Right from its inception, the smartphone industry has been evolving constantly with advanced technologies. The latest revolution in the smartphone segment is the discovery of foldable smartphones. These new devices have created a new wave in the market and the users are liking the experience and the trends appear to be on the rising graph. As a business owner, if you are looking to lead the competition, then it is key to be updated with the latest trends. Hence, it is an ideal time to begin connecting to this latest technology of foldable smartphones. You may think that it is the same task of developing mobile apps, but the influence is a lot bigger. While the output is exciting, it also requires developers to know a few key aspects to get a fruitful result.


Factors to consider while developing apps for foldable devices:

Changes in development:

  • There are two positions of the screen- folded and unfolded. The folded position of the device seems like a normal smartphone and there will not be any variation in the way users will use the features and perform other functionalities with the smartphones. In the unfolded position, it will transform to a bigger screen. This additional space develops a unique experience but also offers extra encounters in the feature development. To do this, developers need to plan well for development and design to function well in both the positions. They have to plan precisely about which features will be showcased in both positions. The unfolded position has given a new set of options for developers to try out innovative methods that weren’t possible earlier.
  • Another unique feature of foldable smartphones is that the screens transform to be much big than regular smartphones. As the majority of foldable smartphones consist of multi-window mode, developers must ensure that the developed app must be able to perform well in these modes. Developers must code in such a way that the resulting apps should be able to work seamlessly on both types of screens. Users should be able to shift from either folded position to unfolded position and back to the folded position. There should not be any changes in the functionality or screen layout so that there will be variations in the smooth performance of the app.

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  • There are expectations that the foldable devices will offer support to the multi-resume feature due to the multi-window mode of operations. In the previous smartphones, the leading app used would go on in the resumed state, while all other apps would have been paused. Due to this, there would be an annoying problem where the paused apps would stop continuing the functions. With the current technology, it is possible that all the functionalities can be continued in the resumed state. All these changes must be kept in mind for the developers right from the initial stages of the process so that users get the best experience.


In normal terms, mobile app developers will look to add exciting elements to the UI to overtake their competitors and make the app look exciting to the users. It could include adding loads of graphics, HD quality images, top videos, and many more. While it may make the app look gorgeous, it will have a significant impact on the functionality. Hence, it is important to consider all the development factors, dimensions and modes of the device while framing the design. It is accomplished by analysing the requirements and test cases before incorporating the suitable UI UX elements.

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Rigorous testing process:

Foldable devices offer new scenarios for the quality assurance team to handle and ensure that the app is performing appropriately to handle changing modes. But the testing must assure to widely cover all the possible scenarios for guaranteeing the features, functionality, and performance of the app. In the process of finding all the defects in the product, there will be more hours of QA involved leading to an increase in overall testing time and costs. Even though foldable devices will have different modes and orientations, the level of hope from the users will remain the same as before. Customers will be looking forward to having the same quality of error-free and seamless functioning of the app whenever they are using the app in multiple modes. Hence, there will be increased responsibility among the development team to enhance their testing efforts. This will guarantee to cover all possible use cases while offering a sublime experience to the end-users.

Increased cost and time for final delivery:

If you are looking to develop a foldable device app, then it will be a new space to explore for most of the development teams and business owners. Hence, there will be the requirement of more time and investment required for overall mobile app development.

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Changes as per useful user feedback:

Once the app is released in the market, the app must be ready to accept useful user feedback to offer the best experience and make them feel that the product aims to offer useful solutions. This will not only make your brand closer to the customers, but it will also make them stay with the app for longer and refer it to their close ones.

Final thoughts:

The foldable smartphone technology is showing signs of having a bright future with positive feedback from the users. But the mobile app development team has to make some crucial moves for adapting some new modes in design, development, testing, and many other decisions. While the excitement is huge, there are considerable challenges for the development team. To offer the best, developers are looking to adopt certain creative practices while developing apps with the latest foldable type of smartphones.

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