How are Touchless Trends Revolutionising Mobile App Development?

touchless trends revolutionising mobile app development

How are Touchless Trends Revolutionising Mobile App Development?

With huge competition in the mobile app development industry like never before, businesses that do not succeed to match the market demands have a big chance of losing the race. Touchless technology has been rising heavily after the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic to become critically important for several businesses. Customers are constantly looking for apps that negate the use of direct interactions. Advanced touchless apps have replaced touch screens with cutting-edge technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, QR codes and biometrics. These touchless technologies are the latest trends in the market which have transformed the services into a unified and new-norm user experience.

Importance of touchless technology amidst the outbreak of pandemic:

  • With the outbreak of a pandemic, there is an enhanced need for changes in public interactions with the services. There have already been advancements in automated facilities with the rise of AI, ML, and IoT in recent years. This has allowed the service professionals and technology developers to utilize their abilities to the fullest and offer optimal services. But due to the outbreak of a pandemic, this urge has increased like never before and there has been huge demand from people who use the services.
  • Even though the service professionals may take care to sanitize all surfaces and the commonly used areas or devices, total negation of contact will ensure high safety and minimize the spread of the virus. The current era allows for the integration of these advanced services into the system to offer safe and modern amenities to the people. When all the processes in a specific system combine to optimize the service, people utilizing them will be assured of getting a friendly experience.
  • Touchless is the trend that has gained importance with customers asking for fast adoption of the technology at all the places. Hence, this technology that can decrease costs, negate human errors and avoid human intervention will be of high value in the future. Wireless communication conventions like Bluetooth, NFC, and UWB ensure that information can be guided in real-time across both directions offering a safe, collaborative, and tailored experience.

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How will it make a difference in routine life?

  • Usual suspects that are at high risk across several public places stand in the first place to be categorized in using touchless technology. Many app-controlled systems have entered into such areas which make use of facilities like automated doors which are already in use for several years. Several advanced cities across the globe have been using them for a decade but the idea has spread across the globe along with more modern features.
  • Even elevators are in a high-risk position of getting contaminated as multiple people would have to use the same buttons at all places. Advanced touch-free panels make use of infrared sensor technology to sense the endpoint of the individual when they hover their fingers over the dashboard. It also includes several advanced functions which will detect the number of individuals traveling through the elevator for ensuring social distancing norms. With advancements in technology, more public places will see the use of app-controlled elevators that will minimize the risk of contaminations.
  • Security systems are another major place of risk where people must check in to get an entry or speak to the desired person. Inventions are in place to use touchless technology at security processes where individuals would not have to remove their mask and touch the face to reveal their identity at security checkpoints.
  • The trend is also adapted at schools, colleges, educational institutions that had faced the blockage of regular operations. The process of education was continued with online learning when physical operations were not at all possible. Even though physical classrooms may gradually return after some days across the globe, with the realization of online learning usability, it is evident that the technology will stay in the process for longer.
  • Along with doorknobs and elevators, even public toilets are at high risk of contamination. There are several ways to implement touchless technology in these places with the usage of advanced automatic mechanisms controlled by android or iOS mobile apps. Depending on the rush in these places, all the mechanisms will be managed automatically through app controllers.

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  • The usage of liquid cash has been minimized by the usage of cards, net banking, or UPI payments. But some of them still need customers to enter the pin for authenticating the transaction or safeguarding against fraud. Such places need the implementation of touchless technology where the user can authenticate using their mobile app.
  • Fingerprint authentication is also being replaced by touchless technology, especially in public places. In the place of fingerprints, facial recognition is employed for taking care of authenticating the arrival of people. It is also helpful across several other tourist destinations that are adopting the technology. AI and ML-based apps are helping service people to control their operations online and get paid through multiple modes of e-payments.
  • The food industry is another segment that needs to implement touchless technology in a larger way to minimize human interactions. Orders can be taken via automated sensors by showcasing the menu, serving sizes that can be presented in the tables via advanced mobile apps. When the technology is integrated with the functional services, business owners can get a clear picture of their operations with statistics that can aid in the improvement of the overall process. This kind of touchless technology has been adapted at high speed in recent years by a majority of popular restaurant chains around the globe.

Bottom line:

Touchless technologies are changing the experience of users and business workflows due to changes in customer demands. The new norm of customer interaction is being adapted by the majority of businesses and this is the best time to evolve to the new trend. As a business owner, primary job is to associate with a leading mobile app development company partner like Brillmindz who has the expertise in leveraging modern technologies to build exciting digital products.

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