How Much does it Cost to Develop an OTT App?

What are OTT apps How much does it cost to develop

How Much does it Cost to Develop an OTT App?

What are OTT apps? How Much does it Cost to Develop?

Video streaming apps have transformed the video watching experience with popular apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney, HBO, etc. The exciting list of movies, web series, and short movie content has given plenty of options for users to watch from the place and time of their choice. Moreover, this content is not restricted to a single device or format revolutionizing the movie viewing experience for users. With such popularity, you may want to explore in detail OTT apps and the cost to develop your version.

About OTT apps:

OTT (Over-the-top) applications are solutions that make use of the internet to show video content across various devices like smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, etc. OTT apps have created a new storm in the entertainment segment by not only offering easy video content for users from the place of their choice but also giving maximum Revenue for app owners and content creators.

What Makes OTT Apps So Popular Among Viewers?

Below are major points that have raised the popularity of OTT apps:

Ease access among multiple Devices: Traditionally users could not watch their favorite programs except sitting Infront of the TV or computer. But with OTT apps, users can easily watch their favorite content by carrying them to the place of their choice. Moreover, this benefit comes with the chance of viewing their favorite videos at any time after their busy schedule.

Reasonable Costs: OTT apps offer a great level of entertainment at a price that is minimal when compared to other channels. This idea comes with top-quality content selection options. Even with the subscription of various services, the overall cost is reasonable.

Customization options: OTT apps offer users a variety of subscription options to choose from as per their likes and choices. They can make a profile for members of their family having the same credentials for viewing. Such options were unimaginable with the traditional type of TV viewing.

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Important features to be included in an OTT application:

If you are looking to develop a comprehensive OTT platform, then it is crucial to make it exclusive from the rest of the products in the market. Since there is huge competition in the market, you have to be cautious while including precise features in the product as per your budgeting limitations. A few important features to be included in an OTT application are:

Simple registration and login: Since the first impression is the best one, you have to offer an easy onboarding for your users that does not push them to be tedious. They should be given alternate options like logging in via email, social media accounts, etc.

Search Feature: Since the OTT platforms will have a huge list of contents, users will find it difficult to find the content of their choice if they do not have a search feature. This search feature must offer an easy search option for users with filter options as per genre, video type like movies, series, language, country, etc.

Watchlist: App owners will get information about user interests in the contents through this watchlist feature. Monetization will become a key factor when users are given the options as per their interests.  

Multiple modes of Payment: Users will look for various types of payment options from your app. Giving multiple modes of payment options like UPI, credit/debit cards, net banking, etc will stimulate the users to make in-app purchases.

Push-Notifications: Be it the entry of new content, expiry of subscription, ads for content, etc, push notifications are an integral part of such apps. Users will be engaged with the app right from the start to longer times.

Social media sharing: Social media usage has become the part and parcel of smartphone users across every niche. With a social media share feature, the brand will get free marketing on social media platforms.

Subtitles: Since the OTT platform consists of global content, it is key to offer subtitles to the users and make them engaged in those contents.

Ratings and Reviews: Want to showcase your positivity in the app market? It can only be possible when users rate and review your app through app stores to impact your overall rankings.

How much does it cost to develop an OTT app?

The final cost for building your video streaming mobile app depends on some key aspects: Before beginning your development process, just ask yourself some important questions. What is the type of video content you are looking to show? Are you going to accumulate the user preference for improving your reach? What will be your feature list? All these aspects will have a big influence on the development costs.

Type of Platforms: Perform profound research on the customers to build your product on that particular platform. It may be a native platform like iOS, Android, Windows, or a cross-platform app. Every type of platform development will have its development charges.

Features and functionalities: Different types of Features and functionalities to be included in the app will require the use of diverse technical aspects. The selection of technologies will have an impact on the overall costs.

Choice of development partners: Several business owners are of the imagination to select mobile app development partners solely on the budgeting factors. While it should be an important point of consideration, the skill set and innovativeness of app development partners can save you loads in the long run. Even though initial costs may be slightly higher, the value of the expertise will come to your profit in the later stages. Further, the development rates vary significantly across different locations. You have to find a app development partner who can act as per your requirements and deliver the product according to the timelines.

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