Mobile Apps: How Phones Help Keep the Water Flowing

How Phones Help Keep the Water Flowing

Mobile Apps: How Phones Help Keep the Water Flowing

As the world increases to urbanize, there is a constant demand for freshwater, but it is not easy to keep up the flow. Civic bodies across many regions around the globe have no proper water infrastructure. With drastic climate changes, improper management water resources and water policies have enhanced the water crisis. Middle-East region is no different and facing the highest water scarcity in the globe with only availability of average freshwater availability of just third less than the level required for optimal safety. As there is lots of investment for water scarcity issues, the importance of water flow and conservation is very crucial for the region. However, there is still a lack of ample awareness among the public about the necessary level of water flow and utilization. Water scarcity across the Middle-East region will surely grow more with the rising population and urbanization of large locations. Mobile apps are a good solution for creating awareness among the public to keep the water flow and enhance conservation. Find out here How Phones Help Keep the Water Flowing

Mobile Apps: How Phones Help Keep the Water Flowing:

Water conservation must begin at home from every individual. Water-conserving mobile apps help to track water consumption in different manners. They help to calculate the regular water usage in your homes, provide the amount of water usage in a particular locality to the governing bodies that help them to streamline their efforts. This will ensure that there will be no wastage of efforts in conserving water across all stages and locations. It will aid governing bodies to save water resources effectively.

Major advantages of mobile apps in serving water scarcity problem are:

  • Precise strategy for addressing water resource deficiency problem in that specific region
  • Building the right communication channel between the water governing bodies and the public for ensuring the common goal of proper water usage and conservation.
  • Alerts during any leaks for immediate rectification from governing bodies, water companies, and also on individual properties.  
  • Building a sense of awareness and response to water scarcity issues among the public. This will ensure that governments get full support in their water conservation activities.

Types of water apps:

Below are 3 types of app ideas that will help in increasing water utility and conservation.

1. Monitoring Apps:

  • As the name implies, water monitoring apps are the basic type of mobile apps that aid in water conservation. They can be either simple apps that help to alert and supervise the water usage or smart apps that can act to turn off water wastage depending upon their programming.
    • Simple apps will aid people to check their water usage and also inform them about changes in any local water norms. These mobile apps will check the shower times with water consumption calculation for personal usage and also help them to strategize the water usage. These apps will also help in estimating water bills for a specified period that will ultimately help in saving cash and water.
  • Smart apps have a much effective strategy with provisions for turning off any water sources. This could be programmed to act for weather conditions, localized norms and also any leakage issues. Apps could also be built to know the amount of rain hitting the roof during the seasons and how much of it is accumulated in the conservation container.
  • Such monitoring apps are very much needed for every locality across the Middle-East region. It can help to save water and cash and help the governing bodies to implement their ideas effectively. Ensure to associate with a reliable mobile app development company for building such apps.

2. Edutainment and gaming apps: 

  • An edutainment uses advanced learning methods to help users to study and gain the latest information. Many such apps are already in the market that helps students to learn complex issues. The same kind of technique can also be used for making people aware of water conservation and usage.
  • Such apps are the best tactics to aid the public in knowing about all the techniques in conserving water, especially in water scarcity regions. Such apps have already proven their utility for helping students and made them understand the topics in an innovative manner. Hence it could prove worthy in telling the public about water conservation.
  • Some gaming app techniques that are mostly used in video gaming apps will aid people to constantly use them. They could provide users with in-app awards or points while users meet some water-conserving targets. This will make users motivated and encourage them to stick to the norms. Such edutainment and gaming app techniques can be applied to water-conserving and usage apps successfully. They will teach them the right methods and make them engaged with the actual purpose. It will help in the effective implementation of water conservation ideas from the government.

3. Social Care and Distribution Apps:

  • This is a type of app where users can upload photos of drought-resistant or hit areas that will encourage people to maintain their lawn properly and share similar pics. This is already trending in some social media platforms termed as “drought-shaming” that is helping many water conservationists in their efforts.
  • It will also aid users to compare their water usage with other fellow users which will provide a clear picture to users in their comparisons. Super-conservationists can post discussions on their water-conserving strategies. With social media sharing features, people will be interested in and take special steps to ensure water conservations.
  • Even users can share their successful steps which had helped them to effectively implement water-saving steps. Such apps could also be helpful for users to find local businesses that provide water-saving tools and services.

Bottom line:

Whatever may be your water app development idea, it is crucial to associate with a reliable mobile app development company in Dubai such as Brill Mindz. They will not just help to execute your core ideas into a successful product but also guide you to implement practical measures that will aid the governments and users.

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