How to develop a website like Zillow in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

How to develop a website like Zillow in Dubai

How to develop a website like Zillow in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has unsettled all sectors in the market like never before. The real estate industry is no different and almost all the activities are stopped for a prolonged period. Many places across the globe have been relaxing lockdowns gradually by urging people to follow all the hygiene and safety norms. With the adjustment to new norms, it is evident that people will never visit real estate agents physically and the already booming real estate mobile apps and websites will be the only way forward. In recent years before the corona outbreak such real estate websites like Zillow had gained immense popularity as they save a lot of time and provide a wide range of options. With changes in work-styles and an effect on the economy all over the world there will be a rapid change in the real estate sector.

What is Zillow? and How to develop a website like Zillow?

Zillow is a popular real estate and rental website that transformed the market and delivered a transparent process. It was founded in 2006 by two former Microsoft officials, Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink. Their major aim was to involve buyers with data and tools to choose their perfect home, land, and home loans along with ample growth opportunities for realtors. They have brought immense value to the industry through their innovative and clean advertising services.

Features to be included in an app like Zillow:

The key to developing an app like Zillow, you need to know the major features that must be included in the app. It will help to end with a final product that will include all the required characteristics and help to achieve the optimal usability.

Databases: This industry involves interaction with details of many properties, reports, and other related documents. Hence it would be a necessity to deal and refer to loads of data and employ them in the process to aid in providing required information on various real estate sites and contacts. Due to all these factors involved, you need to have a comprehensive database in place to support you in your business and efficient communication.

The majority of real estate apps like Zillow get access to huge data via the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and MLS systems. There should also be an accumulation of data from 3rd party sellers, agents and other real estate companies to keep the database updated. By getting all these factors together, you will ensure that your app will be running optimally.

Comprehensive search: It is a crucial feature that is demanded by every user of such real estate apps. With a detailed and complex search option available, there would be optimal user experience. Involve all the important aspects in this search option such as type of property, location, facilities, rates and divide them more into advanced search options. This will offer users to search according to their particular requirements.

Graphical presentation of listings: To showcase the better quality and more actions with listings, have a graphical presentation of listings. Presenting all the property details with instinctive and attractive graphics is the strong point of the Zillow app. There are many SDKs available for graphs and charts that you can choose to showcase on your app for both iOS and Android platforms. With this, you can include street views and directions obtained from Google along with maps and images of the properties. This a highly lauded feature that has provided much usability for users and gained a lot of positive reviews for Zillow websites.

Organized structure: The success of a real estate app is dependent on the information it provides about the details of the neighborhood. If this has to be well-accomplished, then you need to equip it with organized maps. It involves employing markers to showcase the neighborhood information while aiding it to be filtered according to the search specifications. These details can be supplemented to showcase with grouped specifications if there is a requirement of further information. Information could include crim levels, affordability, traffic levels, costs, schools, boundaries, reach to the nearby bus, railway stations, and airport.

Save search: This is similar to the ‘save to cart’ option with the e-commerce websites. Many tend to neglect this in the feature but it has a big impact on retaining the customers. You can know their search preferences and recommend them with appropriate selections. It will also permit the customers to look at their previous activities with the aid of auto-guidance and stimulate them to retain searching from their last step. It will be a benefit for real estate agents as they can advertise their products and services. They can speak with particular customers who are interested in a specific type of product or service.

With all the above aspects, it is very important to plan the real estate app development by keeping an eye on the recent trends and a thorough research on the competitor products.

How much does it cost to develop a website like Zillow in Dubai?

The overall cost of making an app like Zillow in Dubai mainly depends on the type of features that are implemented on the website. The website development company that you choose to develop your product will have a high impact as development costs vary from region to region. The above-mentioned basic features are required for the comprehensive nature of the app but you would have to spend more if you want to add more advanced features. Advanced features will make the website richer, but will also increase the total cost for the website.

Bottom line:

If you are looking to build a Zillow like app in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, then you must associate with the best website and mobile app development company in Dubai like Brill Mindz. They have supported many real estate giants in the path of brand expansion and carry a unique passion and skillset to transform your dream ideas in to reality.

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