How to Launch A Pickup and Delivery Mobile app?

How to Launch A Pickup and Delivery Mobile app

How to Launch A Pickup and Delivery Mobile app?

In the current era, mobile phones and related apps have been the leading technical aspects across the globe. Hence all the business owners are looking for having their presence on mobile apps and on-demand solutions are the clear winners. Pickup and Delivery Mobile app have transformed to be an essential aspect of on-demand solutions. Due to this success, business owners are associating with experienced mobile app development firms like Brillmindz for developing an on-demand delivery app clone for the business.

What is a pickup and delivery app?

As the name tells, pickup and delivery apps perform the task of offering services/products from one place to another. It may be any item, food, or service as the multiple industries have opened up to this type of service. On-demand services are rising heavily especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic as people are preferring to get the products/services from the convenience of their homes. If you are still not in the game, it is the ideal time to develop the app and reap the benefits for longer.

Delivery Mobile app
Delivery Mobile app Development

Important features to be included in the app:

Real-Time Tracking by GPS:

GPS is an important feature to be included in the app for customers, admins, and agents. All the people involved must know the live location of the product/service being delivered to the destination. It is also key to know the best route for moving from one place to another. Customers will be eager to track the product/service right from the time they have ordered them. They can plan their work accordingly depending on the time of arrival. This is applicable for multiple types of services like food delivery, on-demand cabs, retail delivery services, etc. This is a crucial factor for the success of pickup and delivery apps for all types of industries.

Constant Customer Support:

There may be many circumstances that initiate the requirement for a person to have communication with the service provider. It may be for clearing about the product/service or to solve an issue. An in-app messaging or call feature lets the users to be connected with service providers. Failure of providing this feature leads to disappointment among the users during crunch situations. As a business owner, you may be knowing the importance of keeping your users pleased for achieving long term success. The chat feature will also act as evidence of service requests responded by the company that will be useful for both customers and users.

Calendar alerts:

Alerts are necessary for users to remind them about any pickup or delivery. This is necessary for offering convenience for users and make things working smoothly. This is useful for both customers and delivery agents for constantly carrying the process without any hassles.


Multiple payment options are a must to felicitate smooth and hassle-free payment. Different types of payment like Credit/Debit cards, online payments, UPI, etc must be integrated into the app. Failure of offering all types of modern payment options may lead to a drop off of some customers.

Manage Bookings:

Pickup and delivery apps must provide an option for customers to schedule the services according to their convenience. Hence, these booking schedulers will offer great flexibility for users to use the service. It could be booking just one day before or a week or even before a month. Tailored services will encourage users to trust your app for longer. This feature is one of the major reasons for the success of the pickup and delivery app. Reliable mobile app development companies will guide you to develop customized booking features in your app for the convenience of users.

Push Notifications:

While calendar alerts will do the job of reminding users about pickups and deliveries on time, there must be a feature for notifying users about all other types of services. Push notifications keep the users on top of all the latest updates and other activities that require their attention. They could allow information like payment reminders, delivery times, app updates, promotional offers, and all other related app services. Push notifications will ensure that users will not miss any important tasks or updates. It is also useful for app owners to encourage users with any promotional offers and discounts. Hence, if you are keen on keeping users glued to your app, include push notifications.

Influence of the features on customers, Agents, and admins:


GPS tracking will provide live tracking of the order products or services for the customers.

Customers will get the contact info of the delivery agent and can contact them whenever needed to know the approximate time of delivery.

Push notifications let the user know about all the necessary app-related information.

Multiple payment options give the users optimal convenience for carrying their tasks without any hassles.


The agent will also get the help from geo-tracking system for delivering the products or services to their destination. It will help to improve the customer experience by showing the quickest route for the desired location.

They can see the total number of pickups and deliveries scheduled in their name.

Agents could manage their earnings for the tasks performed via the app.


Admins managing the app will see an overview and have all the permissions to supervise the requests from customers.

Owners will see the various reports and insights of the various orders. They can analyse them to ensure customer satisfaction for all the orders. 

Cost of launching a pickup and delivery app:

The cost of creating a pick app or on-demand delivery app clone is dependent on several factors. Features included in the app, app size, the number of platforms, app design will have a major influence on the overall cost for coding a delivery app.


If you have decided to develop and launch a pickup and delivery app, then associate with a trusted mobile app development company like Brillmindz. They will aid you in choosing the right aspects for your industry and also guide you towards long-term success.  

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