iPhone 12 Release Date, Price in UAE & Saudi Arabia

iPhone 12 Release Date, Price in UAE & Saudi Arabia

iPhone 12 Release Date, Price in UAE & Saudi Arabia

iPhone 12 is one of the highly anticipated releases among the Apple lovers and tech enthusiasts. It was earlier set to be announced in September as followed from nine consecutive years but got delayed as confirmed by Apple. UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many other regions in the Middle-east are eagerly waiting to know the iPhone 12 release date, design, latest features, price, and tech specifications.

iPhone 12 release date 2020, Design and specifications:

iPhone 12 price

iPhone 12 release date:

Apple has rolled out special invites for its ‘special Apple event’ on October 13 mentioning “Hi, Speed”. This is hinted at and believed to be the iPhone12 launch event. Usually, Apple tends to provide certain hints about the expectations, but this event invite was a unique one. The term “Hi, Speed” could be a hint leading to 5G speeds as the latest version of iPhone 12 models are expected to aid high-speed 5G connectivity. The release event information is just limited to its schedule that is bound to happen on October 13th. Even without mentioning further details, it is believed that complete iPhone models are expected to be revealed in this event. Reports have also suggested that the mobile app development company in saudi arabia is set to showcase its latest iPhone 12 series with pre-orders for them going live on October 16.


The major attraction of this iPhone 12 launch date event is the latest model of the iPhone series that replaces the $799 iPhone 11, the $999 iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, that was out at $1,099 when it was released in 2019. The iPhone 12 price in Dubai and the rest of the globe is expected to be closer to the current price. But there are expectations for up-gradation of device features mainly next level cameras, fast chips, and the latest Apple software, iOS 14.

iPhone 12 features

Design and specifications:

  • The leak showed the new design and complete iPhone 12 specification revealed that involved a processor targeted to enhance the speed by 15% with the employment of a 5nm manufacturing process. Along with the regular iPhone model series, there are also speculations that the iPhone series will also have an iPhone 12 Mini. So, it could be listed as four types of models – the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini. The leaks also suggested that the Mini will have a display of 5.4 inches whereas the iPhone 12 will have a 6.1- or 6.7-inch display.
  • There are few other details that were seen in the leaks. This leak about the iPhone12 Pro suggested a LiDAR camera, and there will also be a change from the 120 Hz display as the earlier model. The latest models are believed to carry similar design signs from the latest iPad Air which itself was inspired most of its design from the iPad pro. Hence the design is expected to contain slimmer bezels, box sides, and a fingerprint reader beneath the power button.
  • Apart from the most anticipated iPhone 12 models, we have some other exciting products in our expectations. There was a complete stop from Apple in selling third-party audio devices like speakers and headphones. This has led to anticipation that Apple may declare its audio gear. It is also believed that Apple will not contain a charging cable with the latest model of iPhones. They had previously started eliminating wired chargers from the previous products like the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE model Apple watches along with the latest iPad. Many tech enthusiasts claimed it to be unnecessary, but for people who are already using Apple devices, this will save on mess and waste as told by some apple lovers.
  • Apple leaker Prosser had also tweeted that AirPods Studio’s first mass production batch will be finished this month and there will be an announcement of those expected to happen sooner. He additionally told me that another apple device, Apple’s Home Pod mini was also in the line-up.
iPhone 12 release date

A unique launch:

  • Due to the current coronavirus pandemic situation, Apple is carrying its event virtually. But this is not the only thing that is unique in the iPhone 12 release event than the past years. The latest model is being released later than it arrives regularly, the first time after nine years. This is a month later than the iPhone launch, something that Apple already hinted in July when it told about the delay in the arrival of new smartphones. The September event that didn’t see the announcement on the new Apple iPhone series still had the announcements on new iPads, a new Apple Watch, and its new Apple One subscription service. This service associates its $5-a-month Apple TV Plus, $10-a-month Apple Music, $10-a-month Apple News Plus, and $5-a-month Apple Arcade gaming updates.
  • Along with the new iPhones, Apple’s event is also expected to reveal its latest computer, driven by chips termed by Apple as Apple Silicon. There haven’t been many revelations by Apple about these latest chips that are going to replace the 14-year-old Intel processors. The latest Apple processors will be the same as the ones driving its iPads, iPhones, and Apple TVs. The company had also said that it will continue to sell the Intel-driven computers for time being, but the new changes are related to battery life, performance improvements, and smooth connections with the iPhone and iPad devices.

Bottom line:

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated in his announcement earlier in the summer that “Hardware and software are fundamental to everything we do and the latest advancements will take the Mac to the next level”. But the expectations are set high with the closing of the iPhone 12 release date 2020. With the latest design, 5G wireless technology, and delay in launch has made apple lovers wait enthusiastically for October 13th. Many business owners are looking to associate with trusted iPhone app development companies in Dubai like Brillmindz to develop exciting iPhone apps for new devices.

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