How does Brill Mindz Maintain the Code Quality of a Mobile App?

How does Brill Mindz Maintain the Code Quality of a Mobile App

 How does Brill Mindz Maintain the Code Quality of a Mobile App?

The rise of smartphones and related apps has stimulated all types of businesses to invest in getting a mobile app for their respective brands. But, with steep competition in the development of mobile apps, quality is the major aspect of success. If there are any type of quality issues that lead to breaking user expectations, it will dent your brand value. This has grown the importance of maintaining optimal code quality across all stages of the process.

Why is code quality important?

The code quality is an important aspect that influences the overall quality of your software w.r.t safety, security, and reliability. There are some highly adapted techniques to measure the quality of the code. Below are major aspects that impact code quality.

Reliability: It is the measurement that software will be operational during the time of various app functions. This includes the presence of any defects in the system which must be recognized by specific tools. The availability of software must also be measured via the average time between the failures. A reliable code base will result due to a low count of defects. An unreliable code will find failure in no time within the app market.

Security: With the increased use of online activities, users are aware that their sensitive data is highly susceptible to unwanted issues. With the availability of several safety measures, users are highly careful about the mobile apps they use. To provide optimal security to the users, the code should be of optimal quality. Due to this, it is important to find the security of the codebase is the best strategy to find the code quality of the app. Failure of adapting best coding practices will ensure that malicious activities will be avoided. Developers can reduce the presence of any kind of susceptibilities in the codes.

Testability: Testing software is a crucial part of any type of mobile app development process. Any kind of mobile app needs to be tested thoroughly for all the important aspects. Testability will measure the ability of the software to aid the testing process. The efficiency of testing will depend on your approach for analysis, strategies, regulations, and other important factors in testing methodologies. Complexity, size of the software, and type of testing carried to find any probable defects in the system will influence the overall testability. Hence, employing optimal methods to find the testability at the code level will improve the testability of the system.

Reusability: Reusability implies if the code can be reused again for similar functionalities. Hence, developers have to define the code in such a way that it is coupled loosely and use advanced tools to find the interdependencies. 

Maintainability: Maintainability is the ability to manage software depending on its consistency, size, complexity, and structure of the entire codebase. To have an optimally maintainable source code, developers have to ensure that all the above factors must be ticked right. There is no one formula or solitary tool to measure the overall maintainability. Developers will employ both manual and automatic reviews for developing maintainable codes.

What are the unique aspects of Brillmindz?

  • Amongst the several competitive players in the market, Brillmindz stands unique in its approaches and abilities to give importance to optimal code quality. The team focuses on major criteria of choosing the best professionals for the team and also on directing the right tasks. Brillmindz thinks that an optimally crafted code will ensure that the same pattern will be followed throughout the process. This plays a major part in ensuring that we begin the process on the right note and optimal code quality. We follow the same code standard across all stages of the development process. This ensures that readability and consistency will be the same across the codebase which will reduce the occurrence of known issues and complexities. There are some unique ways followed by Brillmindz to ensure the optimal coding standard. We will provide complete knowledge to our developers and ensure that they are following them at all stages of the coding process.
  • Analysing the Code in the initial times will help in starting the process on the right note. Once the actual process begins, developers will not have ample time to go back for verifying the code standards which is why doing it before commencing the actual process will ensure that code review will be peaceful. Verifying the code before the actual code review process is possible with some specific tools which will aid in checking the code. This will offer great feedback to developers for ensuring that code reviews are carried with optimal standards. As you know any code issues in the earlier stages will be easier to resolve with cost-effective options.
  • We will adopt an automatic code review approach to run the code automatically at a stage before the code review process. We also employ static code analyzers for checking various quality measures in the codebase.
  • Using the proven and best code review practices is our main focus. When they are done in the best and accurate way, they enhance the overall quality of the code. Brillmindz uses advanced automated tools to review the code optimally. We also use the manual code reviews that offer double assurance of the process.
  • Another important factor employed by Brillmindz is to refactor the legacy codes as per requirements. This is a proven method to enhance the quality of codes at regular intervals and reduce their complications.

Bottom line:

The success of any kind of app is decided by the ability of app development engineers to offer the best quality of codes that offer flawless performance. A top mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE, Brillmindz has a talented team of app developers who follow a unique and proven approach of optimal code quality that ensures the success of the app in the market. We will offer maximum ROI and enhance the reputation of your brand to the next level.

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