Middle East Mobile Healthcare App Development Market 2021

Middle East Mobile Healthcare App Development Market 2021

Middle East Mobile Healthcare App Development Market 2021

From the time of the rise of smartphones, it has highly transformed the routine life of people and all types of industries. Mobile Healthcare App Development Market is no different and has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is expected to surge even more in the 2021-22 period. COVID-19 has significantly changed the perception of the mobile healthcare app industry. The importance was highly felt during the initial days of government-imposed lockdowns. The vision of governments like the UAE to go completely digital has offered optimal support to the mobile healthcare app development market in 2021.

The Market of Healthcare Apps in the Gulf Region:

  • The mobile healthcare segment in the Middle East is estimated to touch around USD 5.78 Billion by 2024. Innovations in healthcare technology to fight the Covid-19 and promote healthy living of people in regions like UAE are promoting them to give high importance to mobile healthcare. The latest trends in the Middle East region relative to the healthcare services is dependent on the innovations and partnership with mobile application companies. The perspective of understanding among people to use mobile healthcare facilities has suggested that this trend will not come down in the future.
  • Leading healthcare apps in the Middle East have been on the rise highly due to the transformation of multiple medical services. Patients are employing the best healthcare digital solutions to solve their healthcare needs and visit the physical centres after initial consultations and corresponding advice. They have the opportunity to easily use the healthcare facility to book the appointment, speak to the specialist, get prescriptions and get the medicines delivered at the doorsteps. The department called telemedicine has been highly useful for remote monitoring of medical services in real-time.
  • This feature which was already on the rise in recent years, Covid-19 has promoted high digitization of healthcare facilities. It has enhanced the healthcare industry with patient-oriented approaches while offering friendly services via advanced mobile app solutions. Along with benefits to patients, advanced mobile healthcare app development has also helped doctors to get easy access to patient information cost-effectively. It will save both time and resources for healthcare facilities which opens a great prospect in the market.

How Are Mobile Apps Changing Healthcare?

Cutting-edge mobile apps have transformed the healthcare segment in a significant way to help the patients, doctors, and healthcare centres in the following manner:

1. Remote monitoring of patient’s health:

Many advanced devices have been beneficial for patients to recognize vital body conditions such as blood pressure, sugar levels, heart rates, etc. Wearable devices are the crucial elements in aiding the doctors to monitor the patients including their history, real-time updates, and many more. Devices like fitness bands can be connected to smart apps for general purposes like monitoring the daily steps, calories consumed, etc. These devices have ensured the patients can avoid hospital settings in several cases for long-time ailments and help doctors to provide accurate service.

2. Easy and quick healthcare access:

Traditionally, patients had to make physical appearances at the hospitals to book an appointment with a doctor. Mobile apps in healthcare have revolutionized this process by easy access to healthcare right from booking the appointment to getting prescribed medications. People can find the doctors with a click of fingertips and book appointments according to the availability of slots and convenience. Several advanced mobile apps will allow video consultations where they can ask appropriate questions from expert doctors and get advice. There will also be an opportunity for 24*7 availability of doctors in many apps.

3. Make error-free payments:

Users will always be cautious about ensuring an uninterrupted payment system. This is another advantage of the mobile healthcare system as people will not have to wait for longer to pay. With the use of secured payment gateways, mobile apps have transformed the way of payments across all industries. It is highly promoted in the regions like UAE where governments are promoting digital transformation with a mission.

4. Smooth home-based healthcare:

With the advent of other technologies in medical equipment, medicines, and monitoring devices, healthcare services have been able to accurately find the real-time health status of the patient. It has been highly aided by the healthcare mobile apps that monitor these vital statuses and send accurate data to the doctors. Home healthcare has been possible to be accomplished seamlessly and with much authority. People with chronic health issues or ailments related to old age can be highly benefited from this technology. It will let them be independent in the maximum way possible while managing their ailments effectively.

5. Accuracy in treatments:

With the introduction of modern technologies like Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, etc there has been a reduction of mistakes in treatments. Top healthcare apps have enhanced the accuracy of diagnosis and aids in providing the best reports relative to the various health conditions.

6. Quick and easy access to patient data:

Both patients and doctors can access the data from any place with the availability of the internet. It will be crucial for accessing the data for both doctors and patients to take any medical decisions during emergencies. It will also help in selecting the doctor depending on their requirements for treatment. This will be crucial for them to take important decisions in making the treatment effective and accurate.

Bottom line:

The mobile app Healthcare market in the Middle East has multiple opportunities and the trend never looks to slow down shortly. Many governments in the Middle East like the UAE government have been focusing on enhancing the digital transformation, especially in aiding innovations across healthcare technology. This has been the steering force in managing chronic diseases and pandemics like Covid-19. Hence, it is the right time to associate with a leading mobile app development company like Brillmindz to develop a fruitful end product. They have a group of app development engineers who have the expertise of developing several engaging mobile apps across diverse niches.

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