Most Popular Apps in Saudi Arabia 2020

Most Popular Apps in Saudi Arabia 2020

Most Popular Apps in Saudi Arabia 2020

The importance of mobile apps has increased like never before across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mobile app industry has been getting high revenue across diverse niches and evolving user preferences. Many popular apps in Saudi Arabia have transformed the operations in multiple segments like eCommerce, oil and gas, education, healthcare, entertainment, etc. The mobile application development sector has aided many firms to enhance their customer trust, engagement, service, and reach. This has led to the development of exciting apps by top mobile app development companies in Bangalore to aid results in w.r.t profit and market growth.

Social network apps in Saudi Arabia:

The impact of social media has been extensive across Saudi Arabia. It has been finding a crucial place in the daily watch of Saudi Arabian citizens even for news. Social media has grown highly to match the traditional media network as it covers the news and other activities related to all types of segments in the market.

As one of the oldest platforms, Facebook has grown to be a highly used platform in Saudi Arabia with a significant number of increasing active users.

Instagram, with its easy-to-use nature, is also listed among the highly used social media platforms in the Saudi Arabia market. 

Twitter is also a highly used social media platform with most of the business entrepreneurs, top celebrities, and political persons using them for all the updates.

SnapChat is also being used by Saudi internet users with an increased rate of active users.

LinkedIn which is mainly used for connecting with professional users across multiple sectors comes last in this list.

Banned apps in Saudi Arabia:

  • Different types of media like videos, books, newspapers, films, magazines published on the internet are banned in Saudi Arabia as it is monitored closely by the official state law. IMO was banned recently as there were some discrepancies in the safety regulations. Saudi Arabian government has relaxed several restrictions for a ban on video and voice calling focussed on enhancing productivity and economic growth. 
  • Even though WhatsApp is not completely banned in the country, as it is still leading among messaging apps in Saudi Arabia, WhatsApp calling will not work in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s internal censorship has restricted WhatsApp calls across the country. But it has been extended in Saudi Arabia by masking the IP address and invisible VPN service that cannot be spotted. Voice and video calling apps in Saudi Arabia are making use of reliable VPN services for speaking to their loved ones.
  • Saudi Arabia Minister of Information states that- “Digital transformation is one of the main players to boost the Saudi economy, as it will stimulate the development of internet-reliant businesses, especially in the media and entertainment sectors. Access to VoIP (voice over internet protocol) will decrease the operational costs and increase digital entrepreneurship – hence it is a crucial decision in the Kingdom’s internet guidelines”

Top dating apps in Saudi Arabia:

Dating apps like OkCupid,, Tinder, Bumble, and Whose Here are used sparingly in Saudi Arabia as there are many restrictions on meeting people discreetly. It is considered as the biggest kin in the Kingdom and both men and especially women will have to face many consequences if found. Just ensure that you are thinking about hooking or seeing strangers since you are officially breaking the rules of the Kingdom. You must take the high level of safety measures that you would take at the homes. You must not share your info like the address and other details.

Video chat app in Saudi Arabia

There is a ban on several video calling apps in the market by Saudi Authorities. Saudi people make use of a VPN to make calls using apps like WhatsApp, Skype, facetime, etc. It is safe and highly used to make video calls in Saudi Arabia. SSL dependent VPN is a highly secured and spy free option in the Kingdom. Silverhanna Vpn, Aeroshield VPN, or Relaska VPN are the best service providers who allow the use of video chat or video calling apps in Saudi Arabia without any hassles. 

Other top apps in Saudi Arabia:

  • Amongst the top apps in Saudi Arabia comes the Careem taxi app. With this app, you can book a taxi and have a comfortable, secured, and affordable ride. Just open the app and allow it to read your location, enter your destined location, and wait for a nearby taxi. Soon, you will get a notification that the taxi is on the way to your location and you will get the taxi at the mentioned time.
  • Talabat app lets you find your favorite dishes and restaurants from around the locations in Saudi Arabia. Irrespective of your food likings like Chinese, American, Indian, Italian, or Arabic food, you can easily find an eatery that will accept your order.
  • Noon shopping application has the biggest online purpose of powerful brands in various selections among the style, wellbeing, and brilliance, food products, hardware and tools, kid products, and homeware. 
  • The Absher app is an e-administration service app of Saudi Arabia, that offers all the information regarding the services of the Saudi Arabia government. It aims in freeing Saudi residents from the administrative aspects while giving constant lines for routine services.
  • If you are looking to shop all your needy products in one place, then you have the perfect app for the purpose- Ajmal. It consists of a diverse range of products across leading brands at discounted prices. It is a highly used app among Saudi ladies by leveraging the benefits of smartphones and the internet.

Bottom line:

If you are looking to develop any type of video calling app, messaging app, dating app, shopping apps in Saudi Arabia, then your first step in success is associating with the best mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia like Brillmindz. They have built apps for any type of popular enterprises and start-ups and made them be established successfully in the competitive market.

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