Online medical/doctor consultation sees a boost in a time of during lockdown Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Online medical/doctor consultation sees a boost in a time of during lockdown

Online medical/doctor consultation sees a boost in a time of during lockdown Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Coronavirus has created ripples across the globe and affected the normal living of people. All the public places, schools, universities are shut down, no public transports and entertainment centers like malls, theatres are closed. This has also led to rush in hospitals as people who experience even the minimal discomfort immediately comes to the emergency section of hospitals, resulting in a huge burden and confusion on the hospital resource. The best solution for this is online medical consultation where people suspecting symptoms could stay at home and seek advice via telephone and mobile apps before visiting the hospital or clinics. Because of coronavirus Online medical/doctor consultation sees a boost in a time of during lockdown.

What is online medical/doctor consultation?

The idea of online medical consultation has seen a high increase than ever due to the current outbreak of Covid-19. It will allow the doctors to provide remote advice to patients who are located in remote areas or other locations with the help of smart monitors and AI devices. Doctors can see and speak to their patients and provide effective treatment advice with access to their medical history that results in proper treatment and care.

Online medical/doctor consultation sees a boost in a time of during lockdown Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

  • With the present pandemic outbreak, UAE authorities have imposed strict actions to limit the movement of citizens. This helps them to effectively stop and decrease infection and also carry out national sterilization program. Residents are limited to come out in the day only for essential activities, like important grocery supplies or medicines and any other essential jobs. Initiatives like Home quarantine, social distancing, and not coming out from home are crucial measures declared by to stop the spread of COVID-19. This outbreak and resulting preventive measures have also made the officials make healthcare services available to all in the region.
  • Many large medical firms have launched the teleconsultation facility to provide access to the patients. They are also delivering medicines at the doorsteps and ensuring that people are getting much-needed services in the healthcare department. If patients require immediate care, then they will be referred to other clinics that are present in nearby locations.
  • The Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE (MOHP), has introduced a new service amongst its initiatives to stop the spreading of Coronavirus. Virtual doctors that can analyze symptoms of COVID 19 have been introduced and hospitals are ready to face any kind of situation. Hence, the MOHP has also launched an online service that has aided them in reducing the burden on hospitals. This online service is helpful in the screening of all the symptoms and can differentiate if the symptoms are connected to Coronavirus. Once the user logs in he will be asked to enter all his travel history, contact with other people, and also if any medical symptoms. After completing all these questions, the system will analyze the information provided and provide a diagnosis.

Advantages of Online doctor consultation:

The number of users accessing online medical consultation platforms has observed a steep increase during the lockdown post the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • If a person starts feeling feverish and uneasy, then people will be drawn to think that could it be a COVID-19 scare. If they feel symptoms like sore thought with signs of fatigue, but no complete symptoms of coronavirus like breathlessness which is the widest shown symptom of COVID-19. The patient may want to consult the doctor regarding his symptoms, this online medical consultation will aid in ensuring the process. It will help in practicing social distancing but also make sure that the patient is screened for the symptoms. This is a teleconsultation or online medical consultation solution that is beneficial for both patients and clinics.
  • Amidst the rising panic for COVID-19 across the countries, technology is being employed widely to recognize and eradicate possible sources of spreading. People who have issues of cold, cough, and fever can use teleconsultations to know if they need to make an in-person visit to the hospital for getting coronavirus tests.
  • It is also useful for people who are in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus to have access to all the essential medical services from remote areas by video/audio. This is very important to safeguard other healthcare workers and patients from being infected with the pandemic.
  • One more important help that is crucial for all times is that with the availability of online medical consultation, people will refrain from self-medication, which could lead to major complications. Major queries during this time from people are to help them in screening themselves and clearing doubts about Coronavirus symptoms.
  • While online medical and doctor consultation may not be able to provide or manage the complete treatment, it will help as a screening method for stopping the spread of the Coronavirus and ultimately support in negating the curve.
  • At such times of social distancing requirement, telemedicine can help with outpatient queries, providing hospitals to screen patients who are suffering from symptoms and need immediate attention. With the availability of video conferencing service, patients can communicate to doctors efficiently and make sure that they are getting timely advice.

Bottom line:

The main benefit of online medical and doctor consultation is their efficiency in emergencies. Instead of spending time traveling, one can stay home and gain access to a doctor at the same time. It also offers the chance for governments to make healthcare accessible for all even for patients who are based in rural or remote areas. Residents across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, and across the Middle East can have access to the finest in advanced medicine at their fingertips with the help of technology companies like Brill Mindz. Being the top mobile app development company in Dubai, we have experience in providing healthcare mobile app service to many leading organizations across the globe. If you are looking to build any advanced technology service to aid people and also earn profits, then contact Brill Mindz for optimal solutions.

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