What Procedure is followed by Brillmindz in developing a successful Mobile App in Dubai, UAE?

What Procedure is followed by Brillmindz in developing a successful Mobile App in Dubai, UAE

What Procedure is followed by Brillmindz in developing a successful Mobile App in Dubai, UAE?

There are no signs of a decrease in the popularity of mobile apps as several businesses including start-ups and enterprises are interested in building their apps. But with the competitive nature of the industry, it is important to stay unique in the crowd for making a mark in the long run. So, you have to associate with a top mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE for getting yourself a fruitful app. Before that, you have to gain knowledge about procedures followed by companies in building a mobile app.

Step by step guide for building a mobile app:

Below are the precise guidelines to be followed for a successful mobile app.

Define the goals: It is key to begin the app development process by having clarity on the final goals as they will be the ultimate aspects to establish your complete process of development. If you fail to set your goals properly in the beginning you may deviate easily after you begin the process. This will lead to improper usage of time and investment in the long run, So, it is key to set measurable goals and fix your features that are only relevant to the goal. It should be precisely connected to the end-user and your business motives.

Perform accurate market research:

As you have fixed your goals, you have to ensure that the market has opportunities for your app. You may feel that the app ideas are best and profitable on paper. But the app idea must be validated properly before starting the process. Hence you have to perform precise market research to guarantee your process. Else there are chances that the resources, investment, and time may be wasted on building a stale app idea. This applies to both new and existing businesses. In the case of existing businesses, it is key to understand the pain points of your customers and solve them. Create surveys on key aspects and accumulate customer feedback.

Research and Planning:

In this stage, the app idea will get a proper outline and transform into a ready-go idea. This stage starts with the setting of user cases and deep functional needs. Once the requirements have been set, you will have to create a detailed roadmap that comprises requirement priorities and placing them in groups of delivery indicators. If you are not sure about your budget, then it is wiser to plan for minimum-viable-product (MVP) and arrange the strategy for primary launch.

Select the development method:

With the constant innovations in technology, there are several ways to develop an app. You may have to find out which is the best method for your use case. The ideal option for one project may not be suited for another. Selecting the best method must be done by taking care of key aspects like the type of the app, overall budget, technologies, and delivery time.

Native app development provides the highest flexibility for you as a business owner if you are building the app for a precise purpose. Apps related to augmented reality or gaming will choose this mode of development. These apps are generally more expensive and time-consuming than other modes.

Hybrid development is a cost-effective substitute to the native mode of development. It can save you investment and time about native development. But many complain about the low performance of hybrid apps when compared to native ones. Luckily, the minor performance aspects will not dent the progress of the app and its business as there is optimal internet connectivity across the majority of locations. Business owners can craft a responsive UI app utilizing hybrid modes without any differentiable issues.

UI / UX Design

The goal of any kind of app design is to offer a smooth and flawless user experience with optimal performance. The effectiveness of a mobile app is decided by the usage of app features and functionalities. Hence a design of the app will engage the users to use the app features and functionalities for longer. The first impression of the app will have a huge impact on user downloads and engagement. Hence, UI / UX designs must be user-friendly and keep the users engaged for longer.

Mobile app designing experts begin with app designs, in modern times with wireframes or digital sketches. Wireframes are similar to the mock-up ideas, as they provide a visual design of the functional requirements of your app. This mode will not concentrate more on user experience or aesthetics but not on the actual style or colour patterns. It will be a cost-effective and fast way to design the app and make modifications in the review process relative to the app development on Android phones or tablets, iPhones, iPad, etc.

Quality Assurance

As you are done with MVP and the app is running, you need to perform thorough testing before the release. The QA process must be comprehensive on all mobile platforms. As there are several use cases and patterns for app usage, the QA team will have to verify all of them. If your app is hybrid, then you have to check it on all related devices. Ensure that the app is functioning properly on both online, and offline modes. There may also be test scenarios related to device-specific situations devices with various software versions or screen sizes.

Deployment and support:

You can submit the app on Google Play Store apps and Apple App Store apps after fulfilling the guidelines. Once it is successfully done, it marks the beginning of an important task, app support. You have to constantly monitor the app for any crashes, errors, analytics, performance indicators, etc.

Final thoughts:

The procedure followed by Brillmindz in developing a successful mobile app in Dubai has been proven from a decade of experience. If you are looking to reap the benefits of a mobile app for your business, then associate with a top mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE to get yourself a profitable product.

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