Telemedicine on the rise in Saudi Arabia amid pandemic

Telemedicine on the rise in Saudi Arabia amid pandemic

  Telemedicine on the rise in Saudi Arabia amid pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a deep impact on all types of individuals, government, and private bodies with a slowdown of the global economy. Similar to other industries, this has been observed across the healthcare sector heavily. But it has resulted in acceleration of digitalization across the system with managements and patients turning to telemedicine successfully. This has reduced the exposure of medical staff and patients to Covid-19 in hospital settings. Saudi Arabia is no different and has taken drastic steps to promote the use of telemedicine services across the nation.

The help of telemedicine in the times of crisis:

A helpful advancement in the healthcare sector due to the emergence of Coronavirus us the fruitful increase in usage of modern devices and technologies by common people. This has resulted in a quick diagnosis of ailments, faster treatment rates, and enhanced efficiency of patient care. The patients can have all their queries answered with video consulting from a computer, phone, or any device without the necessity of physically visiting the hospital. They could speak to the doctor and get the medicines prescribed by them and visit them physically only if needed. This has avoided the long wait in hospitals and provided the luxury of being able to speak to doctors from respective homes at previously fixed appointment times.

Telemedicine on the rise in Saudi Arabia amid pandemic:

  • With the increase in risk levels from the coronavirus pandemic and new physical distancing norms, all the hospitals in Saudi Arabia have increased the use of telemedicine services. This has enabled the patients to get smooth access to medical consultations and virtual face to face interactions from the comfort of their houses. All types of government organizations and private medical care centers have employed advanced digital devices, phones, and video apps to offer services. This has been helpful for all patients who are constrained from staying at their homes in isolation for curbing the spread of the disease.
  • These telemedicine services are implemented adhering to the advice of the World Health organization on dealing with non-urgent medical cases effectively. It has shown positive results while the government is facing a huge task of stopping the outbreak of Covid-19 across the Kingdom. People can register on specific channels like mobile apps or websites by providing their contact numbers. It will offer them options to book appointments with desired doctors after uploading their complete medical history and their previous medical notes. Doctor consultation will happen on audio/video call and prescribe a further course of action on any tests or treatments. Medicines could be ordered online and are delivered at the doorsteps of the patients.
  • There is an additional advantage for the patients in reducing the stress for people during crunch situations. They feel easily connected and secure as they speak to doctors from their homes and get solutions for all their detailed queries. It even offers a mental consolation for them as they are assured of speaking to their concerned doctors at regular intervals or at any time of need.
  • Dr. Shaikh Abdullah spoke to Arab news and said: “During this global pandemic, telemedicine is emerging as an effective and sustainable solution for prevention and treatment to contain the spread of COVID-19.” Dr. Yaseen told Arab news “Our personal experience so far is very positive, but we will need some time to fully assess the benefit in Saudi culture. With that said, I think it is very promising; I am optimistic that it will be an important option for our patient psychiatric care in the future”.
  • The government has listed the swift growth of the ICT sector as a major goal of their 2030 vision to streamline and expand the economic structure. This has initiated quick strategies, visionary norms, and planned investment in the setup needed to empower a digital economy. It is the driving force behind the enhancement and support in the use of cutting-edge digital technologies. All the departments of the Kingdom have come together in pushing the digital technologies in the healthcare system. It is successful only due to the perfect combination of all including factors like technological partners, internet service providers, and medical staff.
  • Such intuitive elements and focussed approach from the government for including digital services during the times of Covid-19 has increased like never before.
  • The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) have been working in this regard to ensure proper functioning. The aim is to develop calculated alliances with all the government bodies for providing optimum digital services and solid infrastructure to all corners of the region.

Future of telemedicine in Saudi Arabia:

  • The major aim of telemedicine is to ensure the well-being of individuals and medical care personals during the time of the pandemic. But it will be useful only if the services are accessible at a common price which is possible with telemedicine services.
  • With the growing population across the region and the development of urban areas, Saudi Arabia has potential growth in the healthcare sector. Telemedicine will act as a lifeline during crucial situations in the coming days with its ease of access and availability of services. Managing chronic conditions, early detection of ailments, and homecare has helped to enhance the mental soothing of patients leading to upgraded health results.
  • The cases of Hypertension and diabetes are swelling in the region due to the increased aging population in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. As telemedicine service offers the most effective ways to manage the conditions, it will prove to be a great market for growth in the coming days.


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