The top 10 video conferencing apps for remote businesses

video conferencing apps

The top 10 video conferencing apps for remote businesses

The modern world is experiencing huge advancements in technology that have been a boon to businesses and workplaces. It was very much evident in the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak that has affected all types of industries. Many trusted video conferencing apps have been to the rescue and made remote working a successful possibility. They have helped many types of businesses to continue their operations in the times of this pandemic. It has allowed employees to work from home by carrying regular meetings and regular communications. All the seamless facilities at affordable charges proving to be a Godsend to carry on their many important activities.

The top 10 video conferencing apps for remote businesses:

Many types of businesses have opted to work from remote locations due to the lockdowns and continuous spread of the epidemic. Therefore, it becomes important for business owners and leadership teams to keep their employees productive. While there is no option for physical communications, video conferencing apps have been the regular go-to solution for employers. Below are the top 10 video conferencing apps for remote businesses:

Video Conferencing app Zoom:

Zoom video conferencing is a widely used solution for different types of businesses. It possesses various plans depending on the size and necessities of the business. There are many rich features like HD video and audio, supporting 1000 members together, 49 video support on the screen. These meeting videos can be saved locally and on the clouds along with transcripts. It also felicitates employees to share their respective screens and work collectively. This allows for better collaboration among the teams and gets the work done without any issue.

Cisco WebEx:

This is also a popular video conferencing app for holding video meetings. They allow many features like holding 100 members together, screen sharing, and private chat rooms. The process begins with the allocation of a private URL for a specific account that helps to manage all the meeting related activities. Users will have the option to hold the meetings via the app or website. The meetings held could be accessed later with the aid of the recording feature. The free pack offers 1 GB of cloud storage, meetings of limitless length with MP4 recordings.

Skype for Business:

This is a very prevalent name that is used by many people across businesses and common means of communication. This is a video chat tool from Microsoft that is employed even by the public to keep in touch with their friends and family. It is a feature-rich app that allows 250 participants at a time and virtual whiteboarding abilities. This works as a seamless video conferencing app for pc, mobile, and browser.


It is a portion of LogMeIn’s family of video conferencing apps which allows the meetings of around 1000 members. It will let the users create a tailored link and invite even other people who are not using the app. A game-changing feature of this app is its ability to adapt to smartphones. The app has provisions to create/start a meeting from the smartphones of multiple platforms/devices. A regular issue among various mobile users is to maintain the same quality of balance and usability will be solved. 

Google Hangouts: 

It is an awesome tool for small size remote businesses to have a good quality video conference meeting. It allows video calling up to 10 people and group conversation for 100 members. It fits effortlessly into Gmail making it easy for employees to switch from email to video call within no time. But Google Hangouts is generally employed by individuals and not for large businesses. Though features are rich, the capacities are not ideal for large commercial services. But it provides the finest free video conferencing software for small businesses to carry their operations successfully.

Video conferencing app Google Meet: 

This is an enhanced version of Google hangouts aiding business with rich features and capacitiesIt integrates seamlessly with all other apps of Google and makes working easy with peripheral clientsUsers can scan through the Google drive and Apps to share them in the conversations even in the middle of a video call. As the user creates a meeting in Google Calendar, it will send a meeting link to all the invitees. Due to all the features, it is the best video conferencing for small businesses. 


This is a widely used collaboration tool in organizations across the world which includes video conferencing facilities. It is not useful to use only for video conferencing service if the company is not using the Slack tool. It includes both free and paid plans, with a One-to-one video chatting feature available in the free plan. To felicitate larger video conferences, a large enterprise plan will be required that comes in paid offerings. 

This app creates a personal link once you register for an account. It allows for starting the meeting from an app or browser. With the creation of the individual link, individuals will have a fair idea about the company before joining the video conference. There will be good brand visibility and usability from the app.


This is majorly used by large organizations for collaborating successfully with their employees. It is very helpful for IT teams to ease and enhance their video conferencing capabilities. It supports other tools such as Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. This is done in an identical process as meeting room systems, mobile devices, and browsers.

Blue jeans: 

This free version aids free service in around 40 nations with no necessity to sign up for any annual services. With the supreme quality of Dolby sound, it is beneficial for users who are much worried about the video quality.

Bottom line:

Video conferencing apps are proving to be a great solution for remote business to continue its operations successfully across the globe. If you are planning to develop the best video conferencing apps for pc or mobile phones, associate with Brill Mindz, a reliable app development company in Dubai and the Middle East.

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