Top 5 Travel Apps That You Need While Travelling in Saudi Arabia

Top 5 Travel Apps That You Need While Travelling in Saudi Arabia

Top 5 Travel Apps That You Need While Travelling in Saudi Arabia

Smartphones and advanced apps have transformed to be the key tools used by modern people while traveling. Right from researching the ideal places to travel, searching and booking flights, accommodations, and food recommendations, can be achieved from a smartphone app. The COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone in confusion with the constantly varying rules and regulations about traveling and any aspects related to it. With the changing circumstances across the globe, safety strategies have been implemented to guarantee that there is a reduction of the risk of spreading the virus. Along with these guidelines, there are some other strategies that remain the same even now, with a specific set of rules that needs to be followed if you are traveling in that country. Saudi Arabia has been promoting a digital revolution and the Top 5 Travel Apps in Saudi Arabia are helping businesses to reach people easily. These smart apps are proving to be essential for all to have a fruitful travel experience while making sure that they focus on the key areas while on the move.  

Top 5 Travel Apps That You Need While Travelling in Saudi Arabia


This is a must-have app especially on long road trips especially if there is an issue of a breakdown. Morni offers several beneficial roadside services such as towing, flat tire restoration, and also delivery of fuel in multiple locations. Morni provides you with the below services such as 

– Diverse towing services such as regular, Flatbed, Covered Flatbed, and Winch Tow truck.

– Tire service facilities like installing spare tires, repair in the service centres, replacing the tires both in the service centre or any location, etc.

– Battery jump-start and also replacement of batteries.

– Fuel delivery service within the city premises or in remote locations.

– Unlocking the vehicle doors in the case of lockdown of the vehicle. The service only consists of only unlocking the vehicle in question, and does not comprise any programming or replacement key nor any key repairs.

– Service between two cities including transporting vehicles between cities inside Saudi and also outside the kingdom.

– Comprehensive accident care Services offer full solution service, by taking care of the vehicle from the accident scene and completing the total evaluation of the damage, and also delivering it to the desired location.


By any chance, if you have met with an accident, this app is the ideal way to report it. It will let the user capture images of the event and call an agent to the precise location for allowing you with the easy process with the car insurance claims. There has also been a launch of Najm for Insurance Services with the primary phase of its paperless accident service. This shows its passion to implement advanced technologies across its offerings and simplify customer experiences. This new service is in line with the Saudi’s Vision 2030’s targets aspiring to achieve digital transformation throughout the Kingdom. It focuses on delivering the best customer service by employing advanced digital technologies and state-of-the-art approaches to provide reliable accident damage valuation services. The latest service also supports the collaborative efforts with appropriate segments via offering comprehensive and instantaneous accident statistics without the requirement of repetitive measures. Further, this new offering will provide the information of traffic accident reports (maintenance, assessment, and review) in PDF format to all the involved parties through SMS. Here, they can be asked to appeal for more services and claims through entities like damage assessment, the General Department of Traffic, insurance companies, or through Najm.


Talabat lets you get the food delivered to your location via any of the mentioned restaurants anywhere near the cities covered by the app. Talabat has the best deals and offers that are updated at regular intervals to benefit the users. This useful app was developed by a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, Brillmindz technologies offer optimal food home delivery to customers in the Kingdom. They have the opportunity for delivering food from 4,300 registered restaurants, local restaurants or even branded food chains like Subway, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Burger King. The app also provides delivery of groceries and fresh foods. The delivery fees are varied according to the specific fees set by the restaurant. This online platform covers huge restaurants with advanced filter search results reliant on minimum order value, cuisine, rating, payment options, or geographical locations. 


Getting updated about the prayer timings is a crucial element even for non-Muslims as events come to a standstill with the prayers in Saudi Arabia. But for Muslims, along with getting to know the prayer timings, it will aid in finding the direction of the Qibla. The Salatuk algorithm provisions a large Prayer calculation method implemented by multiple Muslim nations. Relying on the precise location of the user, the app will select the proper calculation method, Fiqhi school, and Athan. But there is an opportunity to change the prayer method manually in the “Settings” tab or manually alter the prayer times. 


Wego app aids you with booking airline tickets and hotels. As the urgency of flight booking and the airline will be the priority for all, the Wego app is competent to save ample time and effort to look for the fitting flight and hotel for the user and book easily within no time. Wego has a unique blend of local and international flights and hotel search results from online travel agencies (OTA), airlines, and hotels both on desktop or mobile apps.

Bottom line:

The mobile app segment had already been rising in the market especially in the previous decade but has spiked like never before in recent years. If you are looking to build an online travel app, then associate with a skilled and leading mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, Brillmindz. They possess a team of highly experienced, devoted, and talented professionals who deliver exciting mobile apps as per client budget and needs. 

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