Top Free VPN Apps in Saudi Arabia

Top Free VPN Apps in Saudi Arabia

Top Free VPN Apps in Saudi Arabia

The government in Saudi Arabia has many restrictions on filtering the internet contents related to religion, politics, royal family, etc. There are constant monitors across social media contents, Voice over IP, torrents, video streaming apps, and all internet activities. There is an option available to eliminate these restrictions via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It encrypts the internet and masks all the internet activities. If you are a resident of Saudi Arabia or a traveller who needs to access the internet it is crucial to safeguard your activities with a VPN. Using them all the time to send or receive any kind of data or view the various type of internet contents will ensure to save you from legal consequences. But it is also important to select the VPN carefully, as flaws in them could lead to detecting you from Saudi government censors.

Restrictions in Saudi Arabia:

Internet usage has been increased across Saudi Arabia with the addition of a significant number of users. But there are many imposed restrictions on access to many apps and websites. With the major pressure from phone service organizations, many internet-based services such as WhatsApp are not allowed in Saudi Arabia. People are constantly having problems in sharing different types of media files. The Saudi government has sensors that block apps/websites containing adult contents and other news sites that criticize them. These norms have made VPN to be the most critical element for free internet users in Saudi Arabia.

How can VPN solve the issue?

Internet users who want to keep their activities unaffected with constant supervision from the government can enjoy the benefits of VPN protection with the below steps:

  • Register to a reliable VPN service provider.
  • If you are a visitor, install the VPN before entering the Saudi border. This will assure uninterrupted and masked service all along with your stay.
  • Login and connect to the VPN server network.
  • Servers will be located anywhere externally from Saudi Arabian borders.
  • Experience optimal safety with VPN and proxy browsers to your favourite websites/apps.

Qualities to look for VPN in Saudi Arabia: 

Messaging apps like WhatsApp use weaker data encryption is used by that is easily tracked by monitoring sensors from the Saudi government. It becomes crucial to protect the messages and internet activities to safeguard yourselves from the strict rules. You must employ a VPN that has all the strong security aspects to ensure to stay protected from the government sensors. Weaker VPNs are easily unblocked by the sensors and lead to dangerous consequences like imprisonment. Below are few important aspects in Saudi Arabia.

  • VPNs must have a top-grade encryption option. This is very much needed in Saudi Arabia as a minor loophole will be detected by sensors, ensure to check the encryption before getting finalized to a VPN.
  • A kill switch is much needed to stop the internet usage immediately once the VPN connection cuts off. This will assure that there will be no leak of any data to the Internet service provider once the VPN connection is lost. Without a kill switch, it will be easier to know the website user once the VPN drops off.
  • VPN cloaking: This feature offers an additional layer of security by masking the open VPN traffic as normal HTTPS. It will be tougher for sensors to know about the presence of a VPN.
  • Protecting DNS: It is important to stop the leakage of DNS to the apps and sites visited by the user. Failing to do so will be an invitation to tragedy.
  • Select a VPN that uses high-speed internet and unrestricted bandwidth connectivity especially if you are into video streaming and gaming. It is better to keep VPN running constantly that requires sufficient flowing of data.

Top free VPN apps in Saudi Arabia:

Express VPN:

This VPN service provider gives the best encryption and privacy with high-speed reliable connections, kill switch, and a good amount of server coverage. It will assure that your online activities are covered all the time even in case if you lose connection to their servers. Any type of Saudi Arabia IP address information is masked with a strongly encrypted connection and IPv6 leak protection. DNS leak protection will ask your devices to employ only DNS servers while connected to the network.


A popular VPN service provider used by people in Saudi Arabia with trust in its high-speed connection and reliability. Features such as double VPN protection assured encryption, and kill switch makes NordVPN a perfect VPN protection in Saudi Arabia. The Double VPN protection directs the connection via double VPN servers offering surety among users in masking their activities.


This service provider has reliable options like scramble connection options, kill switch protection and good encryption services. With all these features it will perform well in safeguarding the online activities from the sensors. There are a large number of servers on their farm that will give extra assured safety. Such measures will keep all your activities safe from the Saudi government’s eyes.

Vypr VPN:

 It gives kill switch safety, blocks suspicious sites, automatic reconnections, and tailored DNS servers. A unique Chameleon option aids in hiding the VPN connection as regular internet usage activity. Additionally, they provide an option for the user to employ their DNS servers or third-party servers.

Strong VPN:

They are relatively new to the VPN field but possess all the capabilities for being a reliable partner. They have strong and well-encrypted connectivity with optimal privacy options. They have a unique 12 simultaneous connection option that is useful for multiple device users. They have all the required features like IPv6 leak protection, auto reconnections, etc. that makes them contenders for best VPN service providers in Saudi Arabia.

Bottom line:

A reliable VPN is the best option to avoid internet blockages, data theft, and consequences from the norms. If you want to develop a mobile app, associate with the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, Brill Mindz.

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