Trending ideas to create location-based apps

Trending ideas to create location-based apps

In the current era, mobile apps have dominated the globe by transforming the way we live. The majority of these helping apps are location-based mobile applications that aid users to make their routine lives easier. You may have ordered your favourite food, booking a cab or flights for your travel, ordering groceries, booking a professional for repairing your electric items, plumbing works and whatnot. In recent years, the entire world has been brought closer by user-friendly mobile apps. Their help was unparalleled during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic as the physical shopping came to a standstill. These location-based apps are the talk of the town as they are used by millions of individuals to relish a relaxed daily life. With their increased usage, business owners are looking to invest in location-based apps and gain maximum returns. If you are inclined towards similar thoughts, below are some trending ideas to create location-based apps.

Ecommerce app:

A major idea that never goes out of trend in recent years is the ecommerce app. The majority of smartphone people love to order their favourite products online to save loads of time and effort. Ecommerce apps work based on geolocation to deliver the products at the location of their preference by offering the best customer experience. With the use of GPS data, they aid the customers to find the closest store or select the appropriate delivery location. Few stores employ an indoor navigation feature that has additional Beacons to provide optimal service to customers. Such advanced features like GPS will ensure users that do not have to mingle with huge crowds, waiting in the queue. A safe and quick way to get your favourite product to your desired location.

On-demand services app:

As eCommerce apps, on-demand services apps have created a storm in the market by leveraging GPS capabilities. For instance, widespread on-demand transportation apps depend on the specific location of the users and match them with adjacent drivers. The app also offers the best information to users for checking the exact live location of their cab, its approximate time of arrival, and duration of travel in real-time. Such location-dependent on-demand apps have aided individuals to connect with suitable local businesses nearby and get vital services. 

Health and Fitness:

Who doesn’t want to be fit in the current era? The outbreak of pandemic and its consequences has raised the awareness among people to give importance to their fitness. The already popular health and fitness apps have raised their bar and reached more people across the globe. Personal fitness apps combined with fitness trackers have been aiding people to know their daily exercise regimen. This idea is surely going to surge at a faster pace this year due to the demonstration of performing daily physical activity in enhancing the overall health. These apps promote the task and makes it a powerful contender for trending apps in the category. It may be of several types like running/cycling tracker or simply an app that tracks the distance covered by the user. Users can check the total calories burnt and plan better for their food intake and exercise routine.

Trip planner app:

There are several apps for guiding the travel schedules to find good places to rest, eat or hang out. But the overall planning of the trip is still on the user. The location-based app combined with all the crucial aspects at one place depending on the user budget is the hot cake in the current market. It could offer more returns for businesses by offering advertising options by charging a fixed amount.

Social networking app:

You could hardly name a smartphone user who is not attracted to social networking apps in 2021. These apps let the users create and share images or thoughts on various subjects with the aid of a location-based feature for displaying the location. Hence, if you are planning to develop a social networking app, guarantee to integrate the geolocation feature for enhancing the user experience. But the current users are not looking to have multiple apps sitting on their smart devices. Hence the latest trend of integrating an “all-in-one” app and integrating the geolocation features with striking design can create wonders. 

Dating app

The current era has shown that not just people with common interests come together, but even location has a major part to play. A location-based app has proven to be the ideal path for smartphone users to find like-minded friends who share similar interests. A user-friendly dating app can aid in creating romantic mates with long-lasting relationships by integrating geolocation features in the app. While an important thing to be noted is that some successful apps in the market have employed this feature and are helping people to find like-minded people and begin chatting. 

Event apps:

Who would not want to get complete information about the events happening in your neighbourhood? Location-based apps are the best answer to this for sing users to plan for events in the rush. The app needs to cater to all relative needs by implementing geolocation features with integration into the calendar that has been built by analysing user behaviour. Remember, the success of any geolocation app is dependent on the uniqueness of the app idea, how the implementation takes place, and the reach of the users.

Final thoughts:

Location-based apps have more to offer beyond recommending nearby restaurants, book taxis, etc. Business owners need to think of what are the probable location-based activities that have the possibility of connection with smartphone users. COVID 19 has shown that the idea of location-based apps must be changed to fulfill the trending needs. In this task, it is important to have a reliable Mobile app development company in Dubai like Brillmindz technologies who can guide you towards genuine success. We have a team of expert and passionate engineers who have developed several location-based apps and helped valued clients to gain profitable success in the market.

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