What are the Exclusive Advantages of Kotlin?

Advantages of Kotlin

What are the Exclusive Advantages of Kotlin?

Kotlin, a programming language, has grabbed a huge amount of interest in recent years. This is mainly due to its benefits and the announcement from Google to support it as an official Android app development language. Due to its robust features and precise language design, Kotlin has become highly popular among app developers. Why has this language become highly popular, what are its exclusive advantages and how can it be beneficial for businesses? Continue to read this article to know more.

About Kotlin:

It is a programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that aids to be used across all places where Java was used. Kotlin is an open-source programming language that runs on Java Virtual Machine developed by JetBrains. The name Kotlin comes in connection to the Kotlin island that is present close to St. Petersburg, Russia. Even though Kotlin is flexible to be employed across all the places where Java was used, it is currently popular for Android app development mainly due to support from Google.

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Exclusive benefits of using Kotlin:

Kotlin allows writing less code: Usually, the amount of code written will be directly proportional to the readability factor. Kotlin is a statically written language that is simple and minimal but also offers readability. Debugging becomes an easy aspect since it is shorter and easier to code than Java for similar requirements. The overall programming approach will be restructured when compared to Java resulting in minimal defects. As you allow the framework to have its impact on all the routine aspects of programming, the mobile app development team will have ample time to work on other critical areas. Kotlin has been able to gain momentum due to its simplicity, readability streamlining the app development approach.

Safer Code: A code should be brief and clear for it to be safer which is the reason for the enhanced assurance with Kotlin. It is more compact and allows minimal defects making it easy for developers and safe for users. There will be less chance of usual mistakes in programming that is directly proportional to crashes or system failures. Developers can execute the programming skills more cautiously leading to more stable code in the hands of users.

Fully compatible with Java: Another exclusive advantage is the comprehensive compatibility of Kotlin with Java. Since developers working with Kotlin can leverage all Java libraries and frameworks while developing a mobile app. The situation is the same even if the task is moving the codebase from Java to Kotlin regardless of the size. Taking one file at a time. The conversion from Kotlin to Java is made easy with smooth compilations even for larger Java-based projects. Moreover, Kotlin language is interoperable implying that it is similar to java for using the commands and libraries in the project. The Kotlin compiler will let the code consisting of Kotlin and Java classes function without any flaws. As Java is still being employed by several coding experts Kotlin is designed to work this way with existing Java classes without any issues.

Null-Safe: As every Java developer would be aware, Null pointer exceptions are highly annoying errors. It is a costly error that is the regular cause of errors if Java is used in the project. Java allows for assigning null values to the variables leading to null pointer exceptions that will lead to app crashes or errors. With Kotlin, you can be on the safe side since it is null-safe that will not let the null value be assigned to variables.

Easier to Maintain: Easy maintenance is one of the leading points of exclusive advantages of Kotlin. Kotlin is a flexible entity that allows various kinds of app development with support for Android Studio and various IDEs. Developers can maintain their codebase by employing all the proven development tools that are favorable. Kotlin can effortlessly employ and exchange information from Java in multiple ways, forming to be one of the formidable advantages.

Smarter and Safer Compiler: The creators of Kotlin had one main goal in mind: giving a reliable compiler that ensures the best programming time for developers. There are some exclusive advantages of having a compiler in Kotlin over java. The Kotlin compiler has several checks which not only reduce the number of defects in the program but also decrease runtime defects. There will be an added advantage of finding errors at compile time than the run time.

Increases productivity in the development team: With its in-built syntax, brief and clear nature Kotlin enhances the productivity of the team to great extent. Mobile app Developers do not have to do the tedious rework of learning a new language which forms a huge benefit to the app developers. Kotlin can be used in places of existing Java code without even converting the complete code to Kotlin. Developers who are aware of Java can code easily with Kotlin leading to the completion of more tasks in minimal time.

Easier Resolution To few errors in Java: The traditional mode of programming in Java induces several errors such as the highly popular Null pointer exception. Kotlin was developed focussing on the hurdles that were developed by Java. Kotlin consists of some of the highlighted aspects from various languages such as Scala, C#, etc for reducing the existing errors in Java. Parameter lists and variable declarations for the data type after a variable are present with Kotlin. There are several instances from the Pascal language which are measured to be highly influential in Kotlin app development. Another key problem in Java is the type of safety that is solved in Kotlin. The reduced error aspects from Kotlin are due to its elimination of boilerplate code along with delayed initializations, delegations, etc.

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Final thoughts:

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