What are the latest mobile game monetization trends of 2021?

What are the latest mobile game monetization trends of 2021

The mobile gaming industry was already gaining steady growth in recent years until the arrival of the Covid-19 outbreak. The pandemic had several people stuck at their homes due to lockdowns and download games more than ever to adjust to the new normal. Hence, business owners are looking to reap profits by investing in the development of engaging mobile game apps. But business owners need to establish a definite monetization strategy for their mobile game apps. If you are in the same bucket, keep reading below to know the latest mobile game monetization trends that offer a maximum chance to enhance the returns.

In-App Purchases:

It is ideal for businesses that are already established in their respective segment to charge their users right from the beginning. But start-ups will not be successful by using this strategy and calls for optimal game monetization. You can start engaging the users by offering free downloads but can make money out of it via in-app purchases. This lets the users encourage to start playing the game but once they are highly interested, they can opt for this in-app purchase option. It may include buying additional lives, extra powers, coins, levels, and many more. A key thing to keep in mind is to research the segment and choose the right prices. Generally, it should be a combination of all types of purchases to accommodate users of all needs. The in-app purchases must be announced strategically while ensuring that users do not feel distracted or lose interest. You can make sure right from the beginning stages that the game involves extra purchases.

Game ads:

It is proven that the in-game advertising strategy is one of the longest trending monetization strategies for mobile games that have moved to the next level after the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. For being successful in this venture, game developers must perform thorough research on the player’s expectations. It should blend with various niches of mobile games and have an enjoyable feel while not hindering their gaming involvement.

In-Game Subscriptions

A recent strategy that has seen an increase in the gaming segment is in-game subscriptions. It has been shown to enhance the user retention rate while also increasing the returns by motivating users with an enriched experience. You can encourage loyal users by providing exciting offers in the respective games. Players will make timely purchases to get access to additional game features, levels, and other options to relish an ad-free gaming experience. While some monetization are renewable, others are non-renewable and used as an additional monetization option with other options.

Offers with Coupons:

Coupon offers are offered with special rewards and encourage them to engage with the app for longer. These offers have an impact on the pricing figures which is the main reason to excite the users. App owners will also provide few engaging activities and stimulate the users to engage continuously. This will be an impactful idea to enhance the number of players as users will be interested in getting discount offers on their favorite games and their features. If the users see a discount offer on the paid games, then they would love to make maximum usage of those options by grabbing them. While it’s a highly successful strategy, it is important to implement them precisely for achieving profits.

Level packs:

Any type of mobile game will have different levels where players can go in a stepwise manner by finishing the previous ones. Hence, a normal process involves players going to say 50th room after they complete the previous 49 levels. You can provide level packs for all users who want to directly reach the 50th level without going through previous ones. It is best suited for users who are excited about reaching advanced levels. Some players may be well-versed in playing similar kinds of games and want to explore the advanced level of your game. This will be the best monetization strategy in recent times as players will be eagerly waiting for future updates in levels.

Premium Game Version

This option will be a highly impactful strategy if you are looking to enhance the profit levels gradually. This option offers the users to upgrade to the premium version of the game from the basic versions via in-app purchases. While it is thought that the premium version of the game being richer, will attract more users, the implementation must be effective for being successful. A well-researched strategy will surely engage the users and make them stick to your game for longer. Advanced users will always love premium modes as they would want to explore new experiences. If you succeed in offering maximum quality with the best options, then you will surely meet their expectations and vice versa. Hence, creating the best premium option is a key factor in reaping profits.

Combined Monetization Strategy:

Despite having the best individual advanced monetization strategies, some business owners may not reach their expected returns. A combined monetization model will let you utilize multiple monetization channels effectively. It involves combining in-app purchases, ads, subscriptions to develop them into an effective package. It seems to work effectively as specific users would have separate preferences in choosing the available options. But an important point to be noted is that your plans will depend on the niche of your mobile game and should be planned accordingly.

Final thoughts:

The trends of mobile game monetization keep varying constantly in the market. Business owners and game developers must have thorough research on the prospects and challenges.  they may encounter to choose the best monetization model for their respective genre. Reliable mobile app development companies in Dubai like Brillmindz will guide you to choose the best Monetisation strategy according to the type of game. The team has expert game app engineers who have designed mind-blowing games that are ruling the market and giving a significant return on investment for clients.

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