How has the yellow class app created a new storm in the market?

yellow class app created a new storm

How has the yellow class app created a new storm in the market?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools across the world. This caused all the educational institutions to continue the process by employing the online learning models. While it has transformed the process of learning among students, it has also opened new doors for other learning options. But another negative aspect is that some students are feeling this model as monotonous as they are confined to four walls with no direct interactions. Parents are looking for extra opportunities that offer a unique learning model from the regular online classes. But they should also not be highly expensive which will not be beneficial in the long run. Amidst this situation, an app named Yellow Class has emerged into the limelight which offers a unique structure process with useful guidance to match the objectives. The app provides diverse types of digital learning courses that offer an out-of-the-box experience to kids. With free registration availability, yellow class has transformed to be a highly preferred after-school learning course for kids.

About Yellow class app:

  • There is a new idea in the country to make young kids learn coding skills. This is a highly discussed topic where one side argues that learning to code at a young age makes them lead the competition while others say that it is extra pressure on the undeveloped brains. It looks to be a never-ending topic but it continues to be an unsatisfactory aspect to reach all sections of society. With all these ongoing discussions, two parents of young kids Anshul Gupta and Arpit Mittal tried to solve the issues of all other parents looking to give something extra other than online classes. With this notion, they started yellow class – an idea that was focused on reaching the online community of mothers concentrating on extracurricular activities for kids of 3 to 12 years. It all began a year ago in 2020 but reached the next level within no time amidst the pandemic. This was possible due to the strong community of mothers who have suggested the app to their known ones.
  • Knowing the urge of several parents that kids don’t necessarily learn to code themselves but need to create and explore more, the yellow class app offers a wide range of learning programs. They are concentrated on painting, drawing, craft, GK, dancing, storytelling, and many more. It also has several DIY activities, engaging tasks, audio/video games for kids in the age group of 3 to 12 years. As many other EdTech digital products are concentrating on academic learning topics, the yellow class focuses only on the extracurricular learning process. It provides room for promoting hobbies of kids like painting, dancing, craft, storytelling, magic, yoga and many other creative areas. The app consists of several creative instructors who take many engaging classes on the app. Every class is around 40 to 50 minutes attended by more than 2000 students. With such realistic reach, the company can win in its goal without being reliant on promotions with traditional social media marketing strategies.
  • The app group has a close connection with the community of mothers to aid them in giving the best programs for the overall development of the kid. One of the founders Anshul says that “Yellow class is a complete production company that develops hobby classes as a product, but not a service. It implies that users will not be charged on the basis of hourly usage but like Netflix where users can access any type of content after paying a nominal fee. customers aren’t billed by the hour. Offering more than 10 times coverage at 10 times lesser pricing than the regular EdTech offerings makes it highly reasonable. Our idea is to offer this solution for middle-class India that finds it tough to manage 5000 Rs every month for an online class. A person who just has a 4G connection with 2GB data every day is our user”.

Using the app:

  • Yellow Class app is available for download on both Android and Apple users on diverse types of devices. The process starts with registration after download and creating the personal account. The app easily sits on most of the devices as it has only 14 MB in size. Once the registration is complete, users can start exploring a range of features across different fields like visual art, literature, painting, magic, vocabulary, and many more. The design is attractive but simple for usage with an easy display of topics, timings, tutors, etc without much unnecessary navigation at any level. 
  • The Yellow class app consists of creative features with user-friendly nature to enhance the digital transformation and involvement of both parents and kids. The motive is to help the parents teach their kids about new co-curricular skills without any roadblocks. Moreover, with the inclusion of experienced and highly qualified tutors, kids will get unparalleled learning at a reasonable price like nowhere else. Parents are successfully meeting their motive of providing the right guidance to their kids in enhancing their overall personality.

Final thoughts:

The outbreak of Covid-19 has blocked the regular learning pattern of kids. This has also restricted the entry of students to other non-academic places impacting their personality development. Due to this sudden impact, parents are continuously searching for exciting options like Yellow Class that will stimulate the overall growth of the kid which will be outside of the classroom environment. This app is the best solution for parents searching for a unique growth platform for their kids amidst this prolonged pandemic. Kids can be brought back to the interests of hobbies via this creative model combined with a group of innovative tutors. If you are a business owner looking to develop a similar app like Yellow class, then your primary job is to associate with an expert mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia like Brillmindz. The team possesses more than a decade of expertise in developing apps across diverse niches and taking them to profitable success.

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