Can Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Help your Business?

Can progressive web applications (PWA) help your business

Can Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Help your Business?

As digital technology has taken over the shopping world, it is important to provide optimal convenience to the customers. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a smart solution that lets the shoppers get a native app kind of feel through a website. Due to their ease of development and top user experience, PWAs have been highly popular in comparison to normal websites. It’s an exclusive experience where PWA looks like a normal website when opened through a browser but when accessed via mobile, it is a magical combo of a website and a native app. If you are looking to stimulate your business using PWAs, then keep reading below to know more about its unparalleled advantages.

About Progressive web applications:

Progressive web applications have been shown to offer the ideal manner for web app development which would offer more benefits than regular websites. Majorly, these websites will function well and work faster than a regular website or even uniquely than a mobile app. Even though they work similarly to a mobile app, they still are websites but employ the cutting-edge standards of web app development. They can be installed on any kind of device and even work in offline mode. When you visit this website, you will be instructed to install the app if you are using the browser with all the key settings turned on. Any kind of business will be looking to get maximum returns for their investment by achieving the motive of maximum conversions. This motive is perfectly set right via Progressive Web Apps which will not only offer user-friendly features but also give that edge to your business to lead the competition. Being fast and secured, it is right for the latest market trends that can adapt well to the changing requirements. This is the reason for it to be employed by many leading businesses in the current market.

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What are the benefits?

Feel of the native app: PWAs provide the best user experience by giving the efficiency of a website while blending it with the appearance of a native mobile app. While there are diverse kinds of tools and methods to develop Progressive Web Apps, they still provide the same look and feel like native mobile apps. They are highly unique websites that offer quick, robust, responsive, that allow smooth interactions with the database. There will not be any issue regarding SEO as all search engines can recognize the PWA pages.

Platform independence: Native apps will require device hardware and run-on operating systems, but Progressive Web apps can work even with a browser. It can solve multiple types of user problems while offering a similar kind of experience on different devices. Progressive web apps are highly responsive to different types of devices concerning their platform, screen type, or platforms.

Reasonable development costs: The customers for your business may be present across multiple platforms. Hence, if you have to develop apps for every platform, then it could be going out of the budget for your company as you will be investing in similar work repetitively. Since Progressive Web Apps does not have any dependency on any platform, it is the ideal choice. Since only a web browser is enough to host the app, it can be used easily on different kinds of devices to avoid any kind of unnecessary investments for every exclusive platform.

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Smooth user experience: A highly exciting aspect of Progressive Web Apps is the smooth experience provided to the user. It is a unique benefit where the user does not have the extra work to download the app, store data, or ask permission to integrate with the business. They can just open the browser on any device of their choice, access the browser, and use their services. Hence, businesses will have the advantage of increased sales with a large number of conversions.

Offline functionality: Normal websites require internet connectivity but Progressive web apps can work in offline mode also. They can store the offline requests and push them when they access the networks by having a trusted caching set up. Further, businesses don’t have to worry about any disturbances in the network as users can manage it even in the offline mode.

Increased Security: It has become mandatory to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, due to the security requirement from search engines like Google. Not performing the switch will lead to access denial for that specific website. So, Progressive web apps have also switched to HTTPS, for offering the best user experience through the web browser and a secure feel that increases the trust of the businesses. So, with PWAs there are no concerns of security and can function seamlessly across all platforms.

Wider Customer Reach: Since Progressive Web Apps enable smooth functioning of the app across multiple types of devices irrespective of the device configuration, UI UX, type of platform, etc, it does not have any restriction for reaching customers. A wider reach to the users leads to more sales and makes your brand to be reaching to new customers. There is one more advantage for easy recognition to the search engines which makes it the best candidate for all kinds of businesses. It is better than native apps that are not so easy to be recognized since data is not possible to be employed for Search engine crawls. These exclusive advantages make Progressive web apps slightly best over the native apps for meeting your motive of wider customer reach.

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One of the exciting inventions of technology in the digital world are mobile devices. There has been a constant surge in the use of smartphones due to their user-friendly nature and more versatility when compared to desktops. Being a business owner, if you are looking to develop a progressive web application (PWA), then associate with an expert web and mobile app development company like Brillmindz. The expert engineers can take your core app idea to the next levels to deliver a profitable end product.

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