CoronaVirus: How advance technologies helping to fight against covid-19?

How advance technologies helping to fight against covid-19

How advance technologies helping to fight against covid-19

Coronavirus is proving to be the most tarnished enemy of the human race in this modern age. With its initiation and coronavirus outbreak havoc in Wuhan, China this has spread into all the major countries across the world and troubling the populations. The World Health Organisation has already declared it as a pandemic after its expansion and upset over a large region. Because of this upsetting situation of Coronavirus effects, political leaders and health specialists are developing strategies and other practices to stop this virus from expanding. Social isolation (quarantines) and curfews are applied across the globe to interrupt the series of viral transmission. But there is the need for a real-time solution to recognize the growth of the virus and stop the flow.

How advance technologies helping to fight against covid-19?

With the coronavirus news showing the increase in cases day by day, healthcare officials are continuously striving to find appropriate tools and medicines to aid in controlling the outbreak. They have found proper tools for administering the trends and find the areas of virus transmissions. But it is not enough to find the trends and isolating people. Negating the curve of such epidemics needs effective action. This is the situation where advanced technologies come to play with the deeper research of coronavirus updates and patient data. With technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, data science, IoT, etc. the majority of advanced countries are finding suitable treatment strategies to find and fight the virus. Regarded as one of the best mobile app development companies in India and a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, Brill Mindz can be your trusted partner in developing advanced solutions.

Artificial Intelligence:

Identify, track and estimate:

The sooner we track the virus, the sooner we can fight it. With the analysis of trends from various platforms, medical and government documents, AI can be designed to sense an outbreak.


AI specialist companies have hurled a coronavirus AI solution that aids leading healthcare officials to detect and supervise the disease effectively. All the detecting departments in the healthcare centres are overflowing with heavy assignments created by coronavirus effects. AI solutions will help to enhance the detection capacity and speed.

Develop medications:

With the use of advanced AI algorithms and the computing ability to know the proteins that develop the coronavirus, Google has helped to showcase the discoveries to help others in building effective treatments. Many diagnostic companies across the globe are using AI systems to develop drugs to cure the epidemic. This has also helped in recommending existing medicines that might be useful in helping the patients.

Blockchain development:

Quick Process healthcare claims:

As it is evident that the clinical and diagnostic sections of healthcare are being overworked but also the administrative sections are communicating with a large number of patients. Blockchain technologies help in increasing the capacity and also decrease the manual work of the administrative employees.

Study of Data Accuracy:

Amidst the authentic coronavirus news of its outbreaks, there is also fake news being spread via social media and other platforms. Blockchain is helping to find the origin of this news and validate the data. Government agencies are using this technology to track the authenticity of all social media news. It is helping them to ensure that the right information is passed in the networks and also track the offenders.

Analyse and secure patient data:

The World Health Organization has associated with major blockchain firms to develop a distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based platform for distributing data related to coronavirus outbreak. This platform aims to have complete discrete information distribution between government, patients and health officials. The DLT platform is used to find the coronavirus update, medical data, circulation of medical items and also charity assistance.

Secure payments:

During such critical situations, the circulation of finances from one location to another is a tedious task. This is very important for charity firms, governments, and health authorities since donations from various firms are the major source for relief processes. Traditionally it involves a certain amount of transaction fees, that may hinder the donations. Blockchain has provided an optimized solution for this as it has very fewer transfer fees.

Safeguarding medical records:

The data that surpasses the blockchain cannot be tinkered by any unauthorized personals. It is highly useful for hospitals and other organizations in having an effective analysis of patients.

IoT app development:

Effectively detecting outbreaks:

IoT is effectively used to know the origin of the outbreak in a particular location. The geographic information system (GIS) on IoT mobile data from infected patients can help medical authorities and specialists to know the main patient of infection. It will help to know the bunch of people who have come into contact with the infected patient.

Quarantine compliance:

IoT is helping to make sure that the patient who is advised for quarantine is following the norms. The health authorities can supervise the people who are following quarantine measures and who are not adhering to the norms. It will also help them to know the group of people who could be infected via the violations.

3.Manage patient care:

The benefits of IoT help monitor the home quarantine patients who are at risk of infections. Many countries are following the process where such quarantine people upload their current medical data from their mobile devices into the cloud.


The world is presently in a state of conflict with an unseen enemy that is creating destruction. Though the healthcare segments, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are at their best to fight the coronavirus outbreak, it requires crucial backing from advanced technologies domains. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, IoT are giving effective solutions that can limit the expansion of the virus. For all your crucial requirements in such advanced technologies and also web app development services, you must associate with the best web and mobile app development company like Brill Mindz who have proven their efficiency with many real-time solutions.

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