How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like GoJek?

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like GoJek?

As there is a huge transformation in mobile technology, several kinds of mobile apps have created a storm in the market. Similarly, on-demand apps have been offering significant profits to business owners along with offering benefits to users. The service industry has been highly adopting these on-demand apps to its advantage. This has led to the rise of on-demand apps like GoJek which is called a “Super App” due to its ability to offer multiple services. It is a popular Indonesian app that offers a bundle of on-demand services in a single package which is unique to using a single app for individual services. If you are looking at “How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like GoJek”, then keep reading below to know more about the GoJek app and its details.

What is a Gojek app?

Gojek is a multi-service on-demand platform that began its operations in Indonesia. This app began as a call centre to connect the customers to two-wheeler riding services and courier delivery facilities in the city of Jakarta. It grew in technology and popularity to become a super app that provides an exclusive solution for meeting the needs of customers. A super app such as GoJek is highly beneficial to customers which is the reason for its highly growing popularity.

Today, Go-Jek has grown to provide over 20 various services along with an extension of services to several countries. The idea of a super app has created wonders as it becomes a one-stop solution for user problems. Right from making multiple payments to on-demand delivery of items like medicine, grocery, etc, multiple things can be done using this single app. There will not be a necessity to download diverse apps even for integrating third-party apps.

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The various types of apps for various users in the GoJek on-demand app include:

  • Delivery agents get a service provider app.
  • Customer app for app users.

Shop owners/taxi drivers etc will have the admin app ( They will have a detailed admin web dashboard that will take care of all the app-related activities such as commission, rates, payment options, etc.

How a Super App Like Gojek Earns money?

Below are a few of the monetization strategies employed by Gojek:

Commission from respective Businesses: Business owners get benefits from the GoJek app to get enhanced sales through this platform. In return, Gojek will get a commission from all the businesses that get successful orders performed through the app.

A fee from customers:

Customers can accomplish their multiple essential tasks from one place just by employing one app which is highly helpful than using different apps for different tasks. Hence, customers will have to pay a fee to the app on every successful order completed.

Commission for delivery:

Drivers are the ones who take the essential items and deliver them to the customers. For every successful order, they will also have a commission cut which is beneficial for both the app and drivers.

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What are the exciting features to be included in an App Like GoJek?

Below are few exciting features that should be present in the app for expecting success in the market:

  • There should be easy login access to users along with social media integration that allows a hassle-free process.
  • The app must have support for diverse languages letting users select the language of their preference which will be helpful for a wider audience.
  • GPS feature is important for users and admins to track the orders, delivery agents to reach the destination easily.
  • Push notifications are important to inform users about regular updates like confirmation of orders, dispatch, transit, arriving, and many more. It is important for keeping close touch with the users.
  • Users must be able to schedule their orders or book a taxi before the actual time if they need to perform the actions regularly.
  • There should be an option for multiple payment types by hassle-free integration services.

What is the reason for the popularity of an on-demand app like GoJek?

Customers: As they can use different types of services in a single app, Gojek is an exciting option for customers. As the customers start using the app, within no time they are accustomed to using the apps for diverse needs instead of using a single app to perform separate activities.

Delivery personnel: Usually delivery personnel will be connected to one or a maximum of two kinds of apps for their tasks. But with the GoJek app, they will have access to multiple types of tasks giving them guaranteed work and commissions.

Business owners: Business owners will keep wanting their users to stay connected with their product for longer for getting uninterrupted profits. An on-demand app, like Gojek, aids the business owner to enhance their business with increased opportunities converted to sales.

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How much does it cost to develop an app like GoJek?

App platform:

Depending on the type of platform employed by the customers, business owners have to decide if they are using either iOS, Windows, or Android platform for their product. But with such a diverse range of activities, such apps usually go for cross-platform apps which cater to multiple user types.

App Design:

It is key to have an attractive yet simple design to attract the users and retain them for longer. While an attractive design will make the app richer, it will also enhance the overall cost of development. Hence it is important to wisely design the app as per the requirements.

Technology and features:

While several advanced technologies like AI, ML, IOT, etc have to be integrated if you want the app to be modern. These along with advanced features will impact the cost of app development.

Final Thoughts:

As a business owner, if you are looking to develop an on-demand multi-service app like GoJek, then it is important to partner with a leading mobile app development company in Dubai like Brillmindz who are experts in developing profitable and user-friendly mobile apps.

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