Role of Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

Role of Augmented Reality in mobile app development

Role of Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

There has been a rapid evolution of technology which is helping the process of doing business across all industries. Mobile app development is no different and is enhanced by the evolution of the latest trends like Augmented reality. Witnessing the exceptional quality and usability in presenting their products or services to respective users, several businesses are integrating this technology into their mobile app development. Multiple types of industries like healthcare, real estate, eCommerce, Media, entertainment, etc have experienced and also have more scope for employing Augmented Reality for creating exceptional end products.

About Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that enhances the digital information layers to the physical world and is called a modern wonder in the field of digital technology. AR includes computer-enhanced pictures being presented in the real world giving practical experience to the user. This advanced technology successfully mingles the physical world setting and a virtual entity to give an interactive feel to the users. This is only the beginning of its capabilities and has a huge potential to create more magic in diverse industries. Mobile app development using Augmented Reality can take diverse forms relying on the final business motives. Below are the major types:

  • Marker-related augmented reality
  • Location-related augmented reality
  • Projection augmented reality
  • Superimposition related augmented reality

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How Does Augmented Reality Work with Mobile App Development Services?

With the increase in user engagement with AR devices, there has been the development of mobile apps. Many mobile app development companies are looking to develop AR-related apps and aid businesses to present their products or services effectively. Along with native apps like Android, iOS, there have been evolutions even in cross-platform app development that is creating new hope to enlarge the scope of its usability. Hence, there has been a surge in usage of Augmented Reality in the mobile app development industry in recent years.

AR-based apps aid the users to physically mingle with the real world to gain unparalleled insights from any place. This is possible due to its blend of data and geolocation services about a precise region. This technology has made the creation of various objects in real size offering users a virtual presence. Various activities can be performed virtually by the users leading to saving of money and time. AR apps help various types of businesses to provide a virtual visualization of their products or services with a real-world setting which offers plenty of chances to decrease the dropping of users from their apps.

Advantages of Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development:

Providing something extra from Traditional Mobile App Development: AR helps in giving extra from the traditional mobile app development as the user will be exposed to a real-time experience of the operations, features and functionalities. Such aspects would match with users’ actual interests and problem-solving abilities which they may be looking for. When offered with apps including AR technology, users would prefer them over the traditional ones in the similar category which would offer the same traditional technique of presenting products or services. Developing apps with AR-based technology is aiding several businesses to stand out in the competitive market and offer that extra zeal to users of experiencing real-world experiences. For instance, a retail store can showcase various products in real-time and similarly organize its marketing.

Enhancing the E-learning experience: eLearning has been employed across the globe for several years but has gained immense popularity after the globally induced lockdowns due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This segment has been gaining more power with the introduction of AR technology that helps students to understand the topics in a better way with real-time interactive classes. Traditional eLearning apps would only give audio-video lessons with teachers using drawings or simple graphics to explain. With the introduction of AR, teachers can recreate the magic of offline classes and enhance it with 3D images and help students to understand the concepts in a better way. Tutorials are becoming interactive, students can exchange ideas easily, materials are available in real-time and making it more effective than offline classes.

The increasing value of your business: With the highest level of competition in the market across all brands, it is important to offer solutions that are useful and productive to the customers. While having a mobile app itself is a good idea, adding it with advanced technology like AR can give that extra boost to lead the competition. Users can have the experience of seeing various products or services of your businesses even though they may not be able to physically feel them. For instance, imagine an event of a product launch where the company is unveiling the new model at a specific place in the country. While advanced technology has always given the benefit of showcasing the live show, people would not be able to witness the product in a way they would like to see it. Traditional apps will help you in some way by having recorded videos of the event, but with the boost of AR, customers can have a closer look at the product in a closer way.

Real-Life Experience to boost Sales for a long time: If you can grab the attention of existing app users then it is sure that they will refer the app to their close ones. Offers sublime user experience by offering a 3D view of the store, product, service from any place of their choice can make your brand stand out in the market. Regardless of the type of your industry, Augmented Reality will help in boosting sales by offering you a chance to market your brand uniquely, test the limits to achieve maximum growth.

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Final thoughts:

There is constant innovation running in Augmented Reality technology which offers the highest scope for reliable mobile app development companies like Brillmindz. The firm has developed several game-changing Augmented reality apps that are leading the market and helping their clients to gain success by attracting their customers.

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