5 must-know tips to develop a secure and safe healthcare app in Saudi Arabia.

tips to develop a secure and safe healthcare app

5 must-know tips to develop a secure and safe healthcare app in Saudi Arabia.

Covid-19 has impacted the daily lives of people across the globe. The Healthcare industry is the major link that is striving hard to curb the spread of the disease and treating the infected ones. The latest technologies in the healthcare industry are helping doctors to diagnose the symptoms and rule out the coronavirus ailment and also provide virtual advice with proper medications for other diseases. This has reduced the rush in hospitals as people could use this facility to know the symptoms before running directly into the emergency section of hospitals. Due to these benefits, more clinics and hospitals are using healthcare apps to communicate with their patients. As smartphones and related apps are being used by a majority of people, it has become a convenient way to connect people even in remote areas.

5 must-know tips to develop a secure and safe healthcare app:

Purpose of the App:

When you design an app, you must outline its exact purpose. It depends on many factors like the target users and the intended functions. This process will be erased if the association and planning happen from expert mobile app development companies. They will ensure that the app will have the feature which are meeting user requirements and also adhering to HIPAA compliances. Modern features like audio and video have helped in transforming the healthcare industry by offering an efficient way of communication to all the users. But understanding the actual purpose is very important to develop an app that will reach the intended customers and also help to meet the actual purpose. Violating any government norms can lead to lawsuits and fines.

Legal Parameters:

When you exactly know the purpose of the app, you need to consider all the legal parameters that must be fulfilled by the app before starting on the actual development process. HIPAA checklist is the primary thing to start with, but it is always better to consult a legal expert. Various types of apps will need different levels of HIPAA compliance, so a skilled app developer and a legal professional will help adhere to safety and compliance. HIPPA compliance is required for mobile apps that use sensitive data and with healthcare providers. Knowing the app’s legal parameters and tracking will allow the development of an app that upholds privacy and security. For instance, if you plan to store data on the app, then these norms will be of utmost importance. If the data is stored on a secure server that is retrieved by the app, it offers a better way to be compliant.


A secure mobile healthcare app is not just delivered by adhering to all government norms but also keeping the data protected at all stages. Individual account authorization is very important to safeguard the personal accounts of any patient. Multi-factor authentication could be very helpful to safeguard personal accounts of a patient from any kind of unauthorized entry. It demands specific parts of evidence to verify the identity of a user before accessing the account. This is accomplished mainly by a password and also other elements like a fingerprint, voice identification, retinal scanning and traditional text message with a specific code to confirm the entry. Building an application needs research on factors like usability to ensure that the right person gets an appropriate level of protection. This type of technique will not just safeguard the patient’s data, but also provide a sense of confirmation for the patients about the safety of their data. It’s always an ideal beginning to display attention and respect right from the initial stages.

Employ Standards-based Coding Practices:

Apps and devices need to have a standard coding practice to have efficient communication. With the usage of standard-based coding and rules, it will ensure to have safe and efficient communication with others. Standard-based coding such as HL&, ICD-10, SNOMED, and DICOM are generally made use to have safe and error-free communication. Along with such coding practices, encryption will be necessary. Standard norms from IHE and WEDI are employed for having authentic encryption of data.


As you discover all the norms and start the process to build a secured mobile app, employing a user-centric design will be the main reason for increased downloads. Along with providing all the important features, it is important to convey the value of information properly. It will be very crucial to keep uniformity and compliance across the board which will also have a great influence on enhancing the success rate of the app. Therefore, it is very important to be associated with a reliable mobile app development company to develop such user-friendly apps. Experience counts in development and testing which is very key in maintaining HIPAA compliance. Testing across various possible scenarios will assure that the app will perform properly in those situations. Testing in a controlled environment at all stages will be required to meet privacy and security factors. With the advancements in healthcare techniques, it has also provided more options for hackers and malicious enemies. This condition always keeps the sensitive data at risk to be attacked by such disgusting individuals. Such an issue would be avoidable for every patient or any hospital/medical company. Due to all these worries, applying all the required protections is required during all stages of testing. Analysis and execution of all the tricky situations will aid in developing a secure healthcare app. Even if there is a situation where a patient releases his data unknowingly, the app must avoid the leak of such information. Due to this, the app will have no room for attackers to pull the sensitive data for their misuse.

Bottom line:

Whether you want to build a healthcare app for patients/doctors to maintain the medical records, associate with the best mobile app development company in DubaiBrill Mindz. Our experts have all the necessary skills to build an app that is reliable, secure, and addresses the needs of users while expanding your brand.

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