Top 5 Medical/healthcare apps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

`Top 5 Medical/healthcare apps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Top 5 Medical/healthcare apps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

In recent years, there is a rise in the on-demand medical/healthcare apps that help patients to administer chronic health issues. With the rise of Coronavirus cases across the globe, such healthcare apps have emerged as life saviors in times of emergency. It has helped in avoiding crow in the hospital where patients would pile up to verify even if they find partial or some kind of symptoms like cough or cold. Along with the increase in an outbreak, the other chronic disease patient is making use of the apps to speak to their doctors to have their regular consultation and clear their doubts. Healthcare is a fast-growing sector in the world and is one of the crucial contributors to the economy in middle east cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and UAE.

Top 5 Medical/healthcare apps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

The latest advancements in the mobile application development have transformed the industry norms and brought many new revolutions. With the increase of use in smartphones and innovative mobile apps have made healthcare to be accessed to even remote corners of the globe. Medical/healthcare mobile apps provide the provision of having hassle-free appointments, audio/video consultations, and also door delivery of medicines. Below are the top 5 medical/healthcare apps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE that are helpful for patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.


It is one of the most extensively used healthcare applications by doctors having around 1 million active members. It helps doctors by providing the safest and accurate treatment information in real-time. Doctors use this app for information regarding drugs, referrals, and also to calculate instant values like body mass index. Many doctors rely on this app for clinical guidelines, disease statistics, and alternative medications. It also has important details of interactions with various types of drugs. It aids medical practitioners to check monographs for some particular medicines and supplements that are centered at a particular location.

  • It helps in deciding on key clinical conclusions.
  • Provides key reports relative to various illness.
  • Immediate database access.


For over 25 years, PEPID has been a top creator of drug and clinical data resources and mobile apps for healthcare providers, hospitals, and schools. PEPID clinical and drug resources improve patient care and medication safety by offering access to important data for doctors and medical specialists. The vast library of resources helps them to make crucial decisions on patient health conditions as it is available anytime and anywhere. By offering multiple window options, it avoids the need to close various reference programs or search across different databases. The information is provided very neatly and designed to provide a clear view even on small screens so that they do not find any difficulty in providing instant care and testing for patients.

  • Smooth access for all clinical research and studies
  • True and real-time data
  • Clear and wide-ranging modules


Talkspace links people to authorized therapists via their advanced web and mobile apps. Being a top online therapy company, they have transformed access to mental health care with an efficient connection between clients and therapists. It was introduced to remove the issues and humiliations linked with mental illness and make this therapy available to people across the globe. Unlimited messaging therapy program by Talkspace, that connects people with an authorized therapist on the mobile or web apps with an affordable price, has benefitted 300,000 people and helped them get access to easy mental health care. All the mental health therapists are verified with background checks to ensure optimal care for the patients. Interaction with Talkspace therapist will offer a balanced and worthy viewpoint that helps to get valued guidance and tools to aid in getting better. A reliable therapist is a key factor in ensuring the optimal mental health of patients.

Insight Optics:

According to the World Health Organization, 285 million individuals are having visual issues and this number is expected to rise exponentially high in the future. The idea of discovering the app came from the data where people are at a huge risk of vision loss due to many untreated conditions. Insight Optics is a mobile app that offers superior eyesight care for a patient from an ophthalmologist. This app at the backend stores records and the patient’s important information and on verification, it refers to retinal consultation results to a doctor. The smartphone camera is connected to a handheld ophthalmoscope to get precise vision conclusions. This allows users to get important insights regarding their eye health. Insight Optics also allows its users with information on whether the symptoms are alarming and they need to consult an eye specialist.


Technology has helped people to be on top of their fitness journey by advanced fitness tracking and workout apps with the aid of wearable e-devices. Fitocracy is an app for people who wants to stay fit and avoid issues from weight gain and under-weight issues. The developers of this app were the idle gamers who understood the importance of fitness in daily life. This app aids to give healthy tips and solutions for the physical issues of a person. The user has the provision to enter his daily workout regime that earns them credits which advances them to the next levels. This innovative training mechanism provides much-needed motivation to kickstart and be constant in the fitness journey. An exciting feature of the multiplayer links with the app’s community where the user will face many challenges to break the fitness records and accomplish fitness feats.

Bottom line:

The building of such medical or healthcare apps requires skill and experience to provide a user-friendly app than ensures optimal help and also generates revenue for the owners. If you want to develop an exciting and game-changing healthcare mobile app, associate with the best mobile app development country in DubaiBrillMindz. We will ensure that all your core ideas are executed in real-time and also guide you to accomplish market expansion goals.

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