What is the difference between WhatsApp and Signal?

What is the difference between WhatsApp and Signal

What is the difference between WhatsApp and Signal?

WhatsApp has been in the news in recent days due to the introduction of its new privacy policy about sharing user data with its parent company Facebook. Amidst a huge backlash, even though this policy implementation has been postponed to May 2021, there have been loads of concern regarding the security of user data. Many users across the globe have been annoyed with this move to share the data with Facebook and other affiliates. There has been a huge noise online among users to migrate to other messaging platforms that do not share the online data on other platforms and the Signal app is top on the list.

Differences between WhatsApp and Signal:


While Facebook cannot directly access the user data due to end-to-end encryption, the new policy will give it access to WhatsApp IP address, phone numbers, messenger usage time, cookies, payment information, mobile network, and location data according to the latest privacy policy details. Due to this, many users decided to go out of Facebook to access personal data during 2016. WhatsApp had earlier mentioned that if users do not agree to accept this privacy policy by Feb 8, then they will lose access to WhatsApp, but this was pushed to May 2021 due to a massive roar. Some reports also say that other apps can track the online activity of WhatsApp users even when the app is idle.

As per signal instructions, it will not gather any user messages, contacts, group data, or information from the profile. It will only accumulate information regarding the duration of using the Signal app and the final date of installation. They have provided complete technical information about the technologies used in the app. This lets any user check what was the technology used in the app and verify the code by themselves. Any type of messenger is not perfect, but there is a unique feature that lets the users recover the data employing a PIN that may include privacy. As many users negligibly make use of weak PIN codes making it vulnerable. Signal ensures that it has a system that employs Intel SGX enclaves on the server.

User interface:

As WhatsApp is more widespread across the globe, many users have accepted its interface. With its user-friendly interface and availability on both Android and iOS platforms, this app syncs all the contacts which are unique to every number. Users are assisted with group chats, video calls, voice calls, share their location, images, and other files with other people. WhatsApp lets you add a PIN to create a two-step verification before app access. Users can mark the message as unread and pin the key messages to a specific chat. 

The beta version of Signal app features is more useful than the standard version. It lets the chat rooms that elect admins and send group invitations. The signal app is available on Desktop, iOS, and Android. Similar to WhatsApp it lets the users send messages and photos that can disappear after some time. Audio and video calls can be set and formed groups for around 150 members.

End to End Encryption:

Even though end to end encryption is available for messages in WhatsApp, the backed-up cloud messages and the metadata of the app are not encrypted. It implies that information linked to the location and time of the app are not encrypted. But both WhatsApp and Signal use the same tool that is built by WhatsApp.

The signal is safer due to its complete end-to-end encryption but there is no option to backup the data in the cloud. Hence, there is no chance for the chats or any other data to be compromised unless the device itself is stolen. The data and other information are only stored on the device. Even the metadata of the message is encrypted that will avoid the tracking of location ab also the time of the message. A sealed sensor feature will let the users receive and send the message without disclosing the identities of both parties.

Chat backup:

WhatsApp includes an auto cloud backup, the feature that backs up the messages on third party services for free. This backup feature can be disabled in WhatsApp settings if the user does not want to use it for any reason.

Signal will not provide any kind of back up in the cloud or anywhere as it will store all the data on the device. But the main drawback would be in the situation of losing the device. You will be unable to recover the old messages or any other data since they will be stored on the device.

Group chat:

WhatsApp provides group chat support for 256 individuals with a room for making video and voice calls with 8 people at a time. All these chats on the groups are encrypted and will be backed up in the cloud.

The signal on the other hand offers support for 1000 participants in a group chat and video or voice calling for 5 individuals. It will provide end to end encryption for the chats without any cloud backup.


A major drawback of WhatsApp is the new privacy update of sharing the user data with Facebook. The only motive for such privacy concerned people to stay in WhatsApp would be the pain in convincing many other users to switch to the alternate messaging apps without other stability provided by WhatsApp.

The signal is the ideal option for people who need the total best security and privacy in their app. It doesn’t store any data on the cloud and is a major reason for people to choose the app amidst the Signal vs WhatsApp 2021 story.

Bottom line: 

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