WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: which app has the Best in Security features?

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram- which app has the Best in Security features

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: which app has the Best in Security features?

WhatsApp was a highly popular messaging platform until it announced the updating of privacy policy a few days back. This update was related to sharing of user data with its parent company Facebook. These new updates have initiated a massive backlash and anger among its users who are mainly concerned about the security of user data on Facebook. A huge chunk of WhatsApp users is migrating to other similar apps like Signal and Telegram. In recent days, these two apps have seen a massive percentage of download from Google play store and Apple stores. This is mainly due to the similarity of features with WhatsApp while also providing optimal security. If you are looking to find the WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram-related details keep reading below.

What is the signal app?

The signal is a messaging app that is built by the United States signal foundation and can be downloaded for free across the globe. This app is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This app is a safe platform that has end-to-end encryption for the message exchanges according to the company claims. 

What is the distinctiveness of Signal app features?

Several secured signal app features have amplified its acceptance across international locations. Some of the key features are:

  • Swift and reliable delivery of messages even with the minimal network speed due to the optimization of the app to function even in a highly restricted environment.
  • The signal is a non-profit app that is built to help various kinds of users and there will be no annoyance of ads.
  • You will be benefited to use your existing contact number and address book to speak to your known ones.
  • With optimal audio and video quality, you will be able to connect more easily with your family and friends.
  • Option to select different alert tones for each contact or disable the tone completely. You can either choose your favorite ringtone or silence it.
  • Captured images can be edited by using the built-in features that perform numerous advanced functions.
  • Signal allows the users to use the app on many devices which is very unique from WhatsApp. The Signal app can be used on various devices like tablets, smartphones, PC, laptops, etc and proving to be a boon to its users.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, Signal allows the users to carry group video calls on a desktop without the chance of voice calls. The usability of features is the key in this aspect, as you have to only select the contacts, give a name to the group, and press the video option on the app. With only this adjustment you are ready to go.
  • Similar to its counterpart, WhatsApp, there is an end to end encryption on all the messages that are exchanged on the Signal. It infers that all messages that are exchanged with your contacts are seen only to you and the other person. This advanced end to end encryption is motivated by open-source Signal protocol and guarantees that all conversations are secured. This privacy feature is not given as an option for the users but is the regular way of operation for all users. It is done across all messages, calls every time.
  • Signal provides users with Light and Dark mode selections that are supportive to view especially in day and night. The interface can be changed to any of the two modes by navigating to the Settings – appearance – enable light/dark theme.
  • As in WhatsApp, this feature can be turned on or off as per your needs. Turning on the read receipt will let the contacts know if they have read your messages or not. Disabling this option will be according to your privacy worries if you do not require them to see if you have read their message.
  • Install Signal
  • Open the app
  • Go to settings then to Linked devices
  • Tap Link new device (Android or iOS)
  • Scan the QR code with the phone.
  • Choose a name for the device and select finish.
  • You are fine to start messaging from the Signal desktop.

How is signal better than WhatsApp? 

With the ongoing battle of Signal vs WhatsApp 2021, which could be the secured one? As WhatsApp is on the verge of updating its privacy policy, you cannot restrict the sharing of its data on its parent company, Facebook. WhatsApp will not provide encryption for metadata and backups, unlike Signal that offers complete encryption. The group chats of WhatsApp were earlier found to be indexed on search engines proving to be a big crack of data. You might only want to use WhatsApp for one reason to not ask your contacts to go to other messaging apps. Hence in the clash of Signal app vs WhatsApp, signal edges as the winner and gives a solid answer to your question – “Which is more secure WhatsApp or Signal”

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram:

Telegram has gained loads of traction in recent times with its exclusive features to WhatsApp and Signal. But the group chats in telegram are not encrypted unless you make use of Secret Chats. If you are not concerned about the security of your messaging and overall data but need to reach a wider user base, then you can use Telegram.


The signal app is considered the ideal option for people who are looking for high security and privacy. This app will not store any data which is the main reason for people to shift to this app. Being an entrepreneur, you would want to utilize this opportunity to develop a similar app like WhatsApp, Signal, or Telegram. Your primary aim should be joining hands with innovative, experienced, and top mobile app development companies in dubai like Brillmindz technologies. We have an innovative team with the expertise of building many types of apps across various industries and achieved success in reaching maximum ROI.

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