How is signal better than Whatsapp Messanger and Instagram

How is signal better than Whatsapp Messanger and Instagram

How is signal better than WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram?

The new WhatsApp policy updates have sparked huge controversy with the sharing of data with Facebook and other parent companies. This has made them the users to look for alternatives to WhatsApp and apps like the signal, Messenger, and Instagram have gained popularity in the market and also in the app stores. Signal has been leading the charge with the highest number of downloads. You may be wondering which is the most secure WhatsApp or Signal? How is Signal better than WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram? Keep reading below for all the details.

Signal Private Messenger APK:

The signal is a messaging app that can be employed on Android, iOS, and Desktop. This app is built by non-profit companies Signal Foundation and Signal messenger. The major focus of this app is to offer optimal user privacy owing to which it will not collect any user data as per the company details. This app only stores the Phone number and related contact information. Hence it is considered the safest app regarding data collection.

The best thing about the Signal app is its open-source nature. It does not aid any type of 3rd party apps to use the data and stores them locally in the device itself. Hence, if you misplace your device, then you will lose track of all the data. The account can be kept secured by setting a PIN to your Signal account. It also provides an incognito keyboard that will not let the keyboard store any data that is typed. Some of the exciting features like reading receipts, fingerprint lock, relay calls, sharing of location, archive chats make the app user-friendly.

The message request feature gives various options like delete, block, or accepting the messages from unknown contact. There is also a regular emoji reply to all the chats with a provision of taking screenshots of the chats. Group chats will need the specific person to accept the invitation to the group, which is unique to WhatsApp. There is a storage management tool that is the same as WhatsApp and lets you delete images, videos, or messages of your choice. This feature is exactly similar to WhatsApp and allows users to manage them efficiently. Along with these functionalities, the app will also aid usual audio and video calls that are end to end encrypted.

Which is the more secure WhatsApp or Signal?

  • Facebook is the mother company of WhatsApp and the latest privacy updates claim the importance of sharing the user data with them. There may be access to WhatsApp contact information, mobile networks, IP address, payment details, duration of app usage, cookies, locations, etc. As per claims on the Signal, it will not keep any eye on the user messages, contacts, groups, or profile data. The major chunk of data collected by Signal is the duration of using the app and the date of installation by the users. Along with this, the Signal app will let the users hide their identities from their contacts by relaying the voice calls.
  • An excellent feature of Signal is that it will eliminate suspicious activities by employing the Sealed sender feature. This is a unique aspect that will not be able to know who is receiving or sending the messages. Signal will mask all the files with 4-digit passphrase and app users will have storage support in the device along will call encryption.
  • Another major difference from WhatsApp is that Signal is an open-source platform. Open-source software is a source code that is offered to users with a license, that lets the users utilize, study, charge, and give the software to users of their choice. Due to this, open-source software can be built as a joint venture.

IS Signal better than Messenger?

End to end encryption chats are aided only in one-to-one messages without any independent verification and not given by default.

Signal vs Instagram: 

Messenger is the platform that is developed by Facebook. Their privacy policy suggests that all the user information conveyed by Facebook can be employed by Facebook and has also the chance of facing unwanted advertiser nuisance. Instagram will consist of many types of advertisements and the latest sponsored posts. These promotion activities can be carried by both companies and any individual account holder. This sponsorship will demand a certain specific fee for every sponsorship. The signal app is ad-free and will not demand any kind of fee.

The web version of Instagram lacks many exciting features that are present on the mobile app version. Instagram encourages the users to access more of their mobile app version than the website. The signal can be connected to the desktop to get most of the features that are given on the app. Instagram privacy settings are global and will not be able to fix for precise photos.

Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp?

Telegram will test the supremacy of WhatsApp by giving many kinds of security features that are not given by the latter one. Telegram lets the users to login with multiple devices at the same time. Such multi-data support and encryption have made this app more secure than WhatsApp with another secret chat feature. These secret chats are stored on the device, unlike WhatsApp that stores on the cloud. Even though this has the disadvantage of losing the data if you lose or misplace your device, it is best for people looking for optimal safety. But Telegram does not have default end-to-end encryption, along with the problem with its exclusive encryption procedure.


The recent privacy update has created a huge backlash among users for WhatsApp and diverted their attention towards other alternate and secured apps like Signal. If you are a business owner who is looking to build a similar messaging app with comprehensive features and functionalities, then you have to associate with a reliable mobile app development company in UAE like Brillmindz. Their app engineers possess amazing technical skills with a blend of creativity that helps you to get an amazing final product.

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