How to Monetize the Telemedicine App?

How to monetize the telemedicine app

How to Monetize the Telemedicine App?

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all industries across the globe in one or another way. The availability of vaccination has eased down some pressure, but maintenance of social distancing and sanitization measures are still in place in several regions. As people were confined to their homes during strict lookdown phases an already blooming segment that rose to the occasion was telemedicine and healthcare apps. Both enthusiastic start-ups and industry giants are eager to seize this opportunity and develop high-tech telemedicine apps for healthcare companies. While it is important to associate with a leading mobile app development company in UAE like Brillmindz, you will have a question in the mind – “How to monetize the telemedicine app”

Smart Strategies for Monetizing your Telemedicine App!

How to monetize the telemedicine app?

The telemedicine app is the best way for healthcare professionals to evaluate and detect the ailments in the patients by having an online consultation by the means of telecommunication. You can generate revenue from any kind of app if you can stimulate the customers in using the app. This can be achieved only if the users find that the app is meeting its actual purpose. As the purpose of the telemedicine app is to promote online consultation and evaluation of patients, the app must offer optimal convenience. Below are some key monetization ways that will give you guaranteed results.


This model consists of a blend of free and premium models providing two modes of the same app. While the free mode allows the users to get access to the basic features, the premium model will allow the users to get access to advanced features. The main focus in this mode is to attract the users to download the app free of cost in the primary stages and make them aware of the app features. After the users are liking the app by meeting their needs, the free users will be motivated to use the paid features after paying the freemium amount. They can select their favourite features after getting complete data about their services.

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Premium or paid:

In this mode, users can just download the app for free but cannot use the app freely. They have to pay for getting these services with the options provided in the premium package. App owners must ensure to keep engaging the users with exciting features so that they don’t get bored with the app and uninstall the app. Along with attracting new users, it is also important to successfully retain existing ones.

Promoting certified Content:

The monetization model is best suited for apps that offer personalized service and offers certified content which is crucial for healthcare professionals to give optimal consultations. In some healthcare apps, only some extent of content is displayed for doctors or relative healthcare professionals. If they need to get access to descriptive content that is updated regularly, they will have to pay a certain amount as a subscription.

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In-app Purchase:

It is a highly adopted monetization option that comprises timely updating of supplements, getting prescriptions, fixing doctor appointments and many more. This will not only benefit the app owners but also help the app users with a caution that it should work fine even if they are not opting for extra purchases.


Patients who do not opt for freemium or premium models will be using the free app version. They will charge a fixed fee for every consultation between doctor and patient as per the selected time slot. Further, there can be a development of a subscription version that lets the users choose the right plan depending on their needs and pay fixed yearly, monthly, quarterly charges according to their needs.


This monetization model is tying up sponsorship to the app. It comprises promoting the posts of the sponsors or giving extra discounts, setting in their logo in various key areas of user interactions. Business owners have adopted this idea by pulling the leading sponsors in the healthcare industry and having a negotiating system that provides services, products, offers, etc depending on their industry. It has proven to be heavily profitable in the healthcare industry as it will engage the users to use the app, promote the products of sponsors while also aid the app owners to get key information.


The ads in telemedicine apps must be relative to the domain and mainly to meet the user inclinations or else the interface may seem irrelevant. Few mobile advertising partners employ tools like GPS, beacons, Wi-Fi, etc to show relevant ads according to the region. Such ads will make the app stay closely attached to the users who are in the same region of the store or clinic. A store using the beacon will notify the users about the availability of medicine, supplements or any other relative product. But apps must allow the users to have the option to select the brands or type of product they need to be notified. It will not only enhance user retention but also provide more value to the ads and pull more customers.

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Free offers:

Regardless of the niche, free offers are highly attractive elements for enhancing user engagement to the next level. Hence, implemented smartly, free offers the best way to pull new users while stimulating the existing customers to stay connected with the app. Some of them in the telemedicine app may include:

  • Giving free health tips sessions for limited assessments.
  • Providing free consultations for being safe in safeguarding against probable infections.
  • Offering gifts consisting of supplements or related individual medicines for people who maintain the health parameters or sticking to a fitness regime.

Bottom line:

It is highly important to design and develop an app that is appropriate, reasonable, and navigable to the users for being successful in the competitive market. Brillmindz is a leading mobile app development company in UAE and the entire middle-East, that can build a product that attracts new users while maintaining the same level of interest and excitement for the existing users.

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