Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: How Google Doodle thanks to doctors nurses, and medical workers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers': How Google Doodle thanks to doctors, nurses and medical workers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: How Google Doodle thanks to doctors, nurses, and medical workers

As Coronavirus continues to affect a large portion of cities and communities across the globe, governments are striving hard to fight the pandemic. People are coming together to help one another like never before and staying united to fight the spread of coronavirus and also ensuring that people are staying safe. But the biggest stars without any doubt, are the front-line workers of coronavirus. We can stay safe at our homes and hoping for the situation to end sooner with the help of doctors, nurses, medical workers, emergency and sanitization service workers, grocery suppliers, farmers, etc. To show a token of support and appreciation, Google has created a new doodle series to identify and respect the service of such front-line workers of the COVID-19 epidemic. Google has said that it will continue this for the coming two weeks and thanks to such people who are guaranteeing the comfort of citizens and providing supplies of essential services and goods.

How Google Doodle thanks to doctors, nurses, and medical workers:

Google Doodles have been appearing daily on the search engines page from April 6, showing gratitude to public health workers and researchers. Generally, multi-sporting or any such major events make their place on Google doodle. But here, they started the initiative by thanking scientists across the world. Google mentioned that there would be 14 such google doodles with thank you messages for all frontline Coronavirus helpers.

What are the measures and technical inventions by Google to fight against coronavirus?

  • Google is the widely used search engine across the globe. Ever since the pandemic started its outbreak, Google has started sharing important information and health-related material to the needy. Google developed a COVID-19 website that hosts all the important info like helpline numbers, treatment and defensive actions, infection statistics, and facts related to symptoms on the pandemic. The website has also collected the user location that precisely provides the situation of Coronavirus impact in various countries. All this information is very much needed for governments across nations since they are on full swing to research and find possible cure and vaccination for the epidemic.
  • The safety wing of Google is administering all the online activities to safeguard its users from any misinformation or malware. They have been jointly working with fact-checking teams and health establishments to know the areas that are being searched by users. It will help them to close if any gaps in offering such information. As Google is the largely used search engine across the globe, it could easily be a point for people to spread misinformation. They are educating all the COVID-19 relative reporters who cover and publish the news.
  • As a major portion of the world is affected by the fast-spreading of Coronavirus pandemic, people are continuously looking for Coronavirus related updates. It could be related to vaccine information, preventive measures, and travel guides. The Google SOS alert reaches all people with the latest ongoings and other safety guidelines via authorized information from the World Health Organisation (WHO). 
  • Many students and education teachers are being affected largely by the closure of schools during this lockdown across the globe. Google is proving to be crucial at this stage with its features like Gmail, Calendars, Drives, Classrooms, Hangouts, and Gsuite. The google live streaming feature is being on the verge of introduction that could aid people in connecting virtually. Google hosts a vast collection of tutoring videos available for all types of people. They could improve their knowledge base even during the times of lockdown. This is a very useful people across a wide range of sectors.
  • The Healthcare industry is also been helped by a cloud-based business productivity gear G-suite from Google that is been used by a large number of employees to supervise patient care during these emergencies.
  • Google is helping government agencies to respond to the public queries quickly by an AI-based chatbot. This eases the management of increased rush across communication lines. Helplines are busy across the globe for conveying any message or knowing any information about the epidemic. This has enhanced the pressure on various governments, but the AI-based chatbot is easing the stress. Google mentioned that they are working together with the White House and helping organizations to develop new data and text withdrawal techniques to discover the COVID-19 open research Data set. This will be the biggest machine-readable work assembly of coronavirus to date.
  • Google cloud technologies present at the Oklahoma State Department of Health has played a significant role in building an app that supports healthcare workers to speak to people who are blocked at coronavirus hotspots. This app aims at directing people to the nearest coronavirus test centers for immediate help for people who are experiencing the mentioned symptoms.
  • Google has made a practice to direct the users from its dedicated features and platforms like Youtube to the WHO or other authorized local organizations’ home page. Google maps are very crucial to people like grocery delivery workers and other essential delivery persons to show the correct route and other helpful information.
  • Google has donated $25 million in financial assistance in the form of ad credit to support government organizations and WHO. Google groups have also donated over $1 million aiming at the relief measures to help NGOs in obtaining medical goods, food, and stay for frontline COVID-19 workers. It has also assured me to provide any assistance in the future if required for recovery efforts.

Bottom line:

Google has assisted its platform in many ways to connect people and provide crucial information in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic. The gesture of Google to thank all the frontline Coronavirus helpers is a huge inspiration to all such people who are working day and night to help the needy. If you are willing to support people and government while also gaining substantial profit by developing useful apps, contact the best mobile app development company in DubaiBrill Mindz.

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