How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Metro?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Metro?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Metro?

Metro has been a useful and efficient mode of public transport for people who commute in modern cities. With the reach of smartphones to all parts of the region, public transport has been managed by mobile apps. Dubai RTA is very helpful to the residents of Dubai with its innovative and useful measures and services. They have launched many apps for enhancing the convenience and services at the fingertips. Dubai Metro app called as “Dubai Metro2” has made metro travel and gaining information, an easy task for residents.How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Metro? Would you like to know the costs and features of Dubai Metro, this post will guide you in Dubai to obtain cost details.

The Dubai Metro app:

The “Dubai Metro” iPhone app from RTA Dubai was built and launched to provide Metro travelers with all the information they require to make travel much relaxed. This information-dependent app will offer you with all information related to metro timings, stations, the use of Nol card and other details connected to RTA. It is a free app, that provides directions and locations of all Metro stations, norms, and fines and also about carriages. This is of great use to residents and also international travelers for getting all the important information regarding the prestigious Dubai Metro. It is a user-friendly app that is built with advanced features that enhance the usability and richness of this app. Many other private organizations have built similar kind of Dubai Metro app that has parallel features and usability.

Main features of the Dubai metro app:

  • It provides information on various stations, timings, number of stops, and number of lane switches between the different stations.
  • Shows different probable paths via filter options available.
  • Route search is made simple with all the useful results. It also shows specific station information and search results on maps.
  • It involves newly added stations and any fee updating.
  • Major stops and places in Dubai metro lines are properly listed.
  • It also gives key information’s like feeder bus service information, exit gates details, parking details, elevator and lift info, etc.
  • Users can just search for nearby metro station information by knowing the address using present location google maps features.
  • Other details connected to Tokens, Smart cards, and other types of cards along with any changes in the timings or service is provided on time.

What factors influences the cost of app development?

The cost to build a mobile app is reliant on several factors: 

App development team:

The app development team size is dependent on the requirements of the particular product. The team will involve an architect, business analyst, project manager, developers, testers, and designers. The final size is reliant on the complexity of features that are included in the app.

Technical elements:

Depending on the different features that are added in the app, it could have various technical complexities. Some features could be developed easily but some may take more time resulting in enhancing the cost of development.

Backend development:

Backend development is very crucial to hold large loads and operate seamlessly across all devices. It will have a direct impact on the overall cost of development. With the increase in the number of users of the app, there will be much load on the app with a large quantity of data. The management of data across different platforms and incorporation with the cloud incurs more cost and technical aspects.

Third-party apps:

There will be a need for third-party apps for offering advanced means of development. There will be more time incurred in the development and integration of such third-party apps for using their services.

In-app purchase:

In-app purchases are needed to get substantial profit for the app. But it will also need the aid of multiple payment options that will provide optimal usability. All such advanced features will require investment in the beginning for using their services.

Hardware elements:

The app like the Dubai Metro may need specific hardware elements to track the data and accounts of several permanent or temporary users. This would require the implementation of a few hardware devices which will demand extra finances in the overall budget. All these elements are decided by the type of features to be implemented in the app.

Advanced design factors:

All modern apps come with advanced design elements. As these elements increase the presentation of the app UI, they also enhance the overall cost of the app. The implementation of design elements could be a tricky work with certain custom user interfaces, it would cost more than using standard components of UI design.

Post-deployment maintenance charges:

The app development cost is not done with the release of the app in the stores. You must not plan only for the exact charges that will be incurred during the stages before app deployment. There should be proper planning for all the processes post-deployment stages that are incurred for maintenance, marketing, and expanding the app. All kinds of apps need regular updates, maintenance, user support, cloud management, compliance, marketing strategies, etc. An app will be successful only when the app reaches the app market and it serves all the key purposes of people. There is a big chance where companies tend to ignore such futuristic aspects of mobile app development companies in dubai while they plan and only concentrate on instant costs.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Metro?

Many elements influence the final cost of the app development but the app features, type of platforms, and location of app development have a huge part in deciding final costs. The ultimate aim of the app like Dubai Metro must be providing useful information for the people and ease their issues of public travel.

 Bottom line

If you are planning to develop an app like Dubai metro, associate with the best mobile app development company in Dubai like Brill Mindz. They always follow a customer-oriented approach, analyze all the requirements properly, convert them into suitable features, and develop a fruitful mobile app. They follow a transparent approach in all stages of app development to end with a marvelous end product.

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